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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

The Consequences of Communist Radical Sex Education In America’s Classrooms

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. November 22, 2019

Although radical sex education in public schools is recent in the U.S., its roots lie in a curriculum implemented by Marxists in Hungary a century ago to de-Christianize Western Europe.

Marxists theorized that, in the event of a major war in Europe, the working classes would rise up against capitalism and create communism. Although this failed to materialize during World War I in Europe, it did in 1917 in Russia, but without any European working class support.

Two Marxists theorists, Italian Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Georg Lukacs concluded that Western culture with its Christian religion was the roadblock to European working class support. The West would have to be de-Christianized before it could be conquered.

Gramsci believed that, because Christianity had been an integral part of Western civilization for two centuries, it would have to be destroyed gradually by corrupting the culture – “long march through the institutions”.

The traditional family would be the first target followed by churches, schools, entertainment, media, labor, civic organizations, history, literature, and science. By proceeding slowly, they could conceal their true intent of a communist takeover.

Eliminating the institutions of family and faith in an eternal god as a source of eternal law is crucial because these are alternate sources of authority. Totalitarians demand total allegiance to their authority and their revolutionary agenda.

Lukacs believed that destroying the West’s traditional sexual morals was necessary for the destruction of Western culture. When he became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the provisional Bolshevik Bela Kun government in 1919, he introduced sex education into Hungary’s public schools.

The curriculum included sex lectures and graphic instructional materials about free love and sexual intercourse. Students were encouraged to ridicule and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority. Hate was turned toward parents, clergy, and all dissenters.

Continued exposure to atheism, radical sex education, and rebellion against authority turned Hungarian students into bullies, thieves, murderers, sex predators, and sociopaths who disrespected authority.

The gradual assault and corruption of Western culture rather than the violent Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union became known as Cultural Marxism or neo-Marxism. The code name is “multiculturalism” or, less formally, “political correctness.”

Education is always a key target for totalitarians so they can instill their ideology in the impressionable young. The 45 Communist goals as identified by Cleon Skousen in his 1958 book, The Naked Communist, included gaining control of the schools, dumbing down the curriculum, altering the facts and even discouraging the teaching of American history, discrediting the founding fathers, and presenting homosexuality as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

These have all been implemented in America education. Twenty-four states require sex education while four states require a radical sex curriculum that includes teaching the history of the LGBT movement -- California, New Jersey, and Colorado with Illinois legislation becoming effective in July 2020.

Six states – Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas – have “no promo homo” laws that prohibit or limit the mention or discussion of homosexuality and transgender identity in public schools.

Despite the Texas laws, the school library at the elementary Blackshear Fine Arts Academy in Austin recently hosted a drag queen who had been convicted of prostitution charges, reported Texas Values.

A few weeks later the Austin ISD School Board of Trustees adopted a radical sex curriculum. Examples from the curriculum:

  • Prohibit kids from using the words “mother” and “father” to describe their parents. One resource in the curriculum advises students to not call the person who gave birth to them their “birth mother. ”

  • Introduce sexual orientation and gender identity concepts to children as young as third grade. Included is a sexuality match game with terms like “bisexual”, “gay”, “lesbian”, and “homophobia”.

  • Introduce a scenario where an underage girl enters into a sexual relationship with an adult that she hides from her parents.

  • Teach kids to denounce those who do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda and advises them to attend “Pride” parades.

Already American public schools are churning out students who exhibit the characteristics found in the Hungarian youth – violent, murderers, sociopaths, sex predators, and God-haters. The Communist goal of creating student hatred for America and our founding fathers as well as American capitalism has been achieved.

In a recent poll by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 36% of millennials polled indicate they approve of communism and 70% say they are likely to vote for a socialist. According to YouGov which conducted the poll, capitalism has plunged in popularity from a year ago with one out of every two millennials – aged 23-38 – supporting it.

Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, said,

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism are full display in this year's report.  When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas.”

Americans need to face the truth. Communism is well entrenched in our nation. Unless we radically change what is being taught in our schools, we can expect young voters to hand us over to a future like that of Venezuelans. Will the people remain complacent? Or will they rise up in rebellion and turn back the raging force of communism before the final fall?

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