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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

The Unstated Reason Why the Red Wave Died

By Carole Hornsby Haynes November 22, 2022  Published By American Thinker

With the failure of the Republican party to achieve a red wave in mid-term elections, many explanations – and accusations -- are being bandied around. Blame is attributed to abortion, Trump endorsements, election integrity and voter fraud, and the shifting of millions of votes to Democrats by Google, Facebook and other tech monopolies.

Marketing expert Mark Beal from Rutgers University School of Communication and Information believes there is still another factor in the election that is being overlooked – the impact of Generation Z. An expert on this group (born between 1997-2012), Beal says they will wield increasing influence on local, state, and national election outcomes.

This “purpose” generation is focused on environment issues and women’s rights. Aggressively programmed in diversity, equity, and inclusion, they support “corporations, brands, organizations and individuals running for office that have the ability, influence and power to contribute to a better world, nation and community.”

The oldest members of this cohort first voted in 2015. During the time of the 2020 presidential election, five classes, ages 18-23, voted. In the 2022 election, the seventh class of Gen Z to turn 18 also voted. An NBC poll showed Gen Z voted for Biden more than any other age demographic and contributed to the success of Biden in states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Beal states that Gen Z through 2030 will comprise the majority of voters as the youngest members of the cohort turn 18. He believes they “will significantly influence future elections for many years.”

Gen Z naively believe the Marxist/Leninist propaganda that equity means equality for all rather than its being central government forced redistribution of property. Since public education glorifies socialism, these students have no idea that equity denies the right of ownership, including private property, earnings, and accumulated wealth. They are never taught that equity is the path to full-blown communism. Nor would it matter since they are not told that communism is a failed political and economic system with a legacy of murder, torture, rape, hunger, and poverty. Instead, their Marxist universities-trained teachers preach that capitalism is evil but socialism/communism is for the good of mankind.

Academic learning has been subverted by the race-based Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory. Impressionable children are taught that our country is racist, whites are irredeemably racist, and the “principles of the liberal legal system are false promises.” 

Culturally responsive teaching integrates academic lessons with politically charged lessons about Critical Race Theory, segregation, gender fluidity, racism, violence, brutality, slavery, graphic death, suicide, fear, anti-Christian and anti-American sentiment, and pornography. A steady diet of this radical education has mentally destabilized today’s youth.

Civics and unrevised American history are in the distant past. Instead, in “action civics” classes students learn about Black Lives Matter and community organizing, with students becoming America’s Red Guards.

Xi Van Fleet, who as a child lived under the tyranny of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and his young Red Guards, told a Dallas audience recently that she believed she had left Communism behind forever, only to find that her son is now a Bernie Sanders supporter after being indoctrinated in communism in public schools.

None of this is surprising for those who know the real purpose behind the founding of American public education and teacher colleges in the early 1800s. No, it was not because colonial education was so bad. Quite the contrary. The goal of public education was to replace Christianity with secular humanism and indoctrinate students for an eventual socialist America.

Communist influence infiltrated American public education in the early years of its founding. William T. Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education from 1889-1906, was influenced by Hegel whose dialetical method influenced Karl Marx. Harris introduced the Hegelian philosophy of education into the American school system.

Public education has been highly successful in achieving its original purpose. A majority of our youth now are socialists and reject Christianity. This nation cannot afford to have another generation educated in government controlled schools that are producing a radicalized youth progammed like robots to destroy the most free and prosperous nation ever in civilization. It’s way past time to “get ‘em out” of these God forsaken, communist environments that are a swamp of academic mediocrity.

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