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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Why the Left Wants to Destroy Christianity and Why We Must Not Allow It


Carole Hornsby Haynes April 15, 2023 

Criminal acts against Christian churches have been steadily on the rise for the past several years but the attacks have tripled in the first quarter of 2023 – up 69 from 24 over the same period in 2022. A report by the Family Research Council found that 29 states experienced arsons, bomb threats, vandalism, sacrilege, and assaults against churches. The month of January 2023 had more church attacks than any single month in all of the five years the Family Research Council has kept records. 

Many Americans are perplexed about why there is so much hostility and violence against Christianity given that it influenced the founding of America and has been profoundly influential in our nation’s history and culture. 

Yet it’s common to hear that our founders were not Christian nor were they influenced by Christian ideas. Over the past century, revisionist historians have denied or downplayed the fact that America was founded on the Christian natural law tradition. They have ignored or misinterpreted primary sources of the colonial era which clearly show that our founding was influenced by Greek and Roman thought. 

We’re seeing the tide turning on this anti-Christian narrative as new scholarly works address the impact of political theology and classical virtue on our founding. An excellent new book, The Classical and Christian Origins of American Politcs by professors Kody W. Cooper and Justin Buckley Dyer, provides an excellent insight about how Christianity influenced the American revolutionaries. 

Drawing upon major pamphlets and documents of the colonial era, Cooper and Dyer show how the concept of common law tradition is founded in the classical humanism of the Greeks and Romans and the Christian natural law tradition. 

Our Founding Fathers believed that the rule of law was fundamental for a free and just government. They believed that, in order to protect the people from tyranny, it was necessary to have rules and laws based on certain fundamental principles and not the arbitrary whims of those holding power. With the Biden administration that rules by will instead of the rule of law, we’re witnessing the tyranny that our Founders feared. 

There were two spirits of political theory that strongly influenced colonial America – 1) Christianity that influenced our founders and the 2) classical political tradition that influenced the American Revolution. 

What is this classical political tradition and how is it different from our modern political philosophy? 

A simple definition is that classical political tradition begins with the rule of law and modern political philosophy begins with the arbitrary rule of will. That is why there is so much public debate about a Living Constitution which is sounds sensible but is actually a disguise for getting rid of the rule of law and using the rule of will or whim. Rather than all citizens being judged equally under the same laws, this is a disguise for making up rules that favor friends of the government and punish critics of the government. 

The colonials were guided by the ideas of the Enlightenment which merged classical humanism with Christian natural theology, known a “natural law.” The American revolutionaries justified their seceding from Great Britain because the British Parliament and King George III had overstepped the boundaries placed on them by the “Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.” 

Colonials believed in a “providential God” who governed the earth. The political theology of “Nature’s God” was firmly entrenched in the Christian natural law tradition. 

Let’s go back to our opening question. Why must Christianity be destroyed?

In summary, the rule of law – and our Constitution – is based on natural law and Nature’s God. The rule of law – equal justice – is blocking our being ruled by arbitary will – unequal justice. Because Christianity is the bedrock of the rule of law, it must be destroyed so that the rule of law and the Constitution will be swept away. 

If we get rid of Christianity, then we deny there is a God to judge humanity. With no moral boundaries of the conscience, everything goes. There will be new levels of cruelty and tyranny with enormous suffering, poverty, shortages of everything, no private property rights and the end of all freedoms. 

The end goal is a totalitarian America. 

The rule of law is being openly flaunted by the Biden administration. They’re supported by a woke mainsteam media, big corporations, universities, and public school bureaucrats. 

The truth about the Nashville school massacre – that it was a hate crime against Christian children and staff – is being covered up. 

The Democrats claim to support the oppressed -- the victim. That is, unless the victim is a Christian school with 3 children and 3 adults savagely murdered by a deranged transgender shooter who roamed the halls looking for victims. 

Instead of speaking out in support of the Nashville Covenant School Christians following the attack, the White House, Congress, state governments, big corporations, the entertainment industry, and even clergy sided with the transgender shooter, claiming she was the victim.


In his address to the nation about the Covenant School massacre, President Joe Biden said he came to speak to the nation because he heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. He jeered when told that Senator Josh Hawley believed Christians were specifically targeted. Biden’s administration used this attack to call for gun control and banning “assault weapons.”

It’s not clear how Biden believes that restricting magazine sizes or the type of guns that citizens can legally own would have stopped the Covenant shooter. No mention that assassin Audrey Hale fired off 152 rounds of ammunition in just minutes, killing 6 people. Instead, the murderous attack is being used by the Biden administration to get gun control laws passed so Americans will have no protection against a tyrannical government.

Wyoming Minority Caucus Whip Rep. Karlee Provenza reposted a graphic to her Facebook calling for trans to arm themselves against “fascists and bigots.”

Josselyn Berry, the press secretary for Arizona Democrat Governor. Katie Hobbs, posted a message on Twitter calling for violence against anyone who opposes radical gender ideology. Naturally she was not shut down by Twitter.


Amazon Vice President of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Candi Castleberry, reaffirmed that the company will continue to support “LGBTQIA+….employees, customers, and communities.” No mention of the Nashville school victims who were murdered by the transgender assassin.


Singer Madonna announced she would host a benefit concert to support trans rights which, of course, include child mutilation. What was she not raising money to help the families of the 6 deceased Christian victims of a trans shooter?

News Media 

No mainstream media headlines mentioned the words “Christian,” “transgender,” or “targeted” even though the Nashville police had characterized the crime as a targeted atack. Instead the media’s message was that guns were to blame. Yet no one mentioned that shooter Audrey Hale had decided not to go to another location because it was heavily secured.

ABC News’s Terry Moran implied that shooting up a Christian school was justification for the recent laws passed by Tennessee protecting minors from trans surgeries and banning public drag shows.

An NBC report featured a subhead that “some conservativves have seized on a shooting by a transgender person to further their agenda.”

Sadly, Christian news media did no better. Reporting on Audrey Hale’s murder rampage, Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, Russell Moore, never mentioned the word “transgender” and avoided the use of pronouns when referring to Hale. Instead he lectured Christians on their support of the Second Amendment, attempting to cowardly walk down the middle too often done by Evangelical elites.

Trans Activists 

In Kentucky, Tennesee, Florida, and Texas, angry trans mobs stormed state capitols mere days after the shooting to protest laws intended to keep children safe from sexual indoctrination and to call for gun control.


Liberal transgender pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota compared the Nashville massacre to Jesus being betrayed and crucified. 

Consequences of rule by will

Under the Biden administration, we have two levels of justice. Christians will continue to be targeted and the rule of law will be totally suspended. 

We’re already moving in the direction of South Africa where white Christians are being brutally tortured and murdered and their land confiscated. Remember that we have already been told we will be happy when we don’t own anytning, not even a house or a car or the clothes we wear. We’re told we must get rid of gasoline cars because they pollute the earth.

It sounds as though we’ll be using horse and buggies, walking, bicycles and, of course, mass public transporation where our daily movement can be monitored. Of course, elites will continue to have their huge private gas guzzling jets, yachts, expensive cars, mansions, and private islands. 

Recently we learned that the FBI is sending undercover agents into Catholic churches to keep tabs on people who are exercising their First Amendment rights to practice their faith.

Catholic priest, Father Houck, was arrested in a dawn raid by FBI goons in front of his children for protesting at an abortion clinic. Pro-abortion activists, however, are cheered on.

What the FBI is doing is no different from what the KGB did in the old Soviet Union or XI Jinping’s secret police in communist China today. Chinese Christians fled to Taiwan until their visas expired and have now come to the United States. What a shock they’re going to get when they discover they didn’t leave Christian persecution behind in China.

In Loudoun County, Virginia the school system allows teachers to use preferred pronouns or phrases in email signature blocks to show personal views. However, one teacher cited John 3:16 (not the verse) in her signature block and was censored by Loudon school officials, claiming that her message block showed a religious view and violates the so-called “separation of church and state.” 

A Texas rancher has been found guilty for shooting in self defense an illegal alien who trespassed on his private ranch. Why did the illegal alien who put the life of the rancher at risk go free? 

Why did January 6 qualify as an insurrection but not the Tennessee anti-gun protest where a 1000 trans activists tried to storm the Capitol. Three Democrat state lawmakers used a bullhorn to incite them and urged them to enter the Tennessee State Capitol. The Tennessee protesters disrupted the flow of government business. That is also the big crime that the Jan. 6 people were accused of, even though there were thousands of people who were peaceful and did nothing and were actually motioned by guards to enter the public area of the U.S. Capitol. Still someone came to their homes. Some have been jailed unconstitutionally for months on end. 

An FBI SWAT entered Trump’s Mar-a-Logo home, ransacked it, went through Melania’s lingerie drawer, and rifled through Trump’s personal papers, taking his passport. They took boxes of documents that were highly secured, claiming they were classified. Private lawyers – not an FBI SWAT -- after the 2022 election, found classified documents from the Obama administration in Biden’s garage, next to his car, and in his small private office at a Washington think tank and in other places. None of these are secured and they haven’t been seized. Biden has had his documents for 6 years while Trump had his for only 9-10 months.  

Note that Presidents can de-classify documents but Vice Presidents cannot so Biden’s docuoments are still classified. Why were private lawyers used for the Biden search but an FBI SWAT raided Trump’s home? Why is Trump under criminal investigation for removing documents but Biden is not? Mark Levin, a Constitutional lawyer, gave a brilliant explanation of this in his January 15th video. 


It’s evident that the Left’s ceaseless march to get rid of Christianity to turn America into a communist nation has been highly successful. 

A recent survey found that traditional values have fallen in their importance to Americans. In 1998, 62% said religion was very important to them while in 2023, only 39% said it’s very important. In 2023 just 19% said they attend religious services once a week or more. Only 31% of younger respondents said that religion was very important to them, compared with 55% of seniors. 

The attack on Christianity, the rule of law and the Constitution has produced a dual system of justice, infringement of natural rights, massive corruption, cohabitation without marriage, and increasing levels of children born out of wedlock. 

Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Morality and virtue are the foundation of our republic and necessary for a society to be free. 

The America we once knew and loved is fading quickly. If we are to restore any semblance of the incredible nation that our Founders gave us, we must return to being a religious and moral people. 

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