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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

ObamaCare, Common Core:  What Do They Have in Common?

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.  |  September 2, 2014 

The public fury to repeal ObamaCare continues, yet the public seems to be unaware of the vast net cast by the Obama administration to embed the nationalized healthcare system into the American culture – embedded so deeply that it defies a simple repeal.

Not only does the Affordable Healthcare Act cover individual medical care, but it reaches into every school and into the life of every student.  

ObamaCare appropriated $200 million for a School Based Health Center Capital Program which will greatly expand the role of the federal government in American education.  Through this program, health is being integrated into every subject, reward system, and classroom management strategy – science, history, math, lunch, and every other aspect of a child’s school life. 

Two health advocacy groups, Healthy Schools Campaigns and the Trust for America’s Health made policy recommendations for the incorporation of health and wellness into school curricula. These include 

Provide schools with strategies to partner with parents as agents of change for integrating health and wellness into education.

Incorporate health and wellness into school metrics and accountability systems to allow schools to make data-driven decisions about how health and wellness impact student learning.

President and CEO of HSC Rochelle Davis said, “Unless we address health and wellness in schools, our nation’s efforts to close the achievement gap will be compromised.”

Executive director of the Trust for America’s Health Jeff Levi stated, “These recommendations represent a major culture shift in how the nation views health – health will no longer be separated from education, transportation, housing and other clearly connected policies.” 

It seems that American public education focuses on everything but teaching a traditional education where students actually learn to read, write, and cipher…and speak in coherent sentences.  Yet Davis believes that the integration of ObamaCare into education will help to close the achievement gap. 

There seems to be a wide disconnect among liberals about the causes of a failed public education system. When students are unable to determine time using an analog clock – an old-fashioned clock with “hands” – and can’t figure simple math problems without calculators or smart phones, the problem is definitely not a health and wellness issue.

The public should be very concerned about the recommendation that schools become “agents of change” in student health and wellness.  What happened to the parental role and authority?

Emergency alarms are clanging loudly with the recommendation to data mine students about health and wellness.

What does this have to do with Common Core?

After the Obama administration passed the Affordable Care Act nationalizing healthcare, states were enticed to adopt Common Core, nationalized education, with a promise to waive the requirements of No Child Left Behind and a chance to win Stimulus funding, although most states did not receive any funding and are now facing the economics of Common Core implementation.

An important feature of Common Core is the student data mining, so invasive that parents have gone on the warpath in state capitols. 

Through School Based Health Care Centers, the federal government is now linking nationalized healthcare and nationalized education, usurping parental rights and violating the right to privacy in the mining and tracking of student data from pre-K through age 20 and onward through the working years.  Approximately 400 items of student data can be mined without parental permission.

School Based Health Centers Services usually include reproductive/sexual health services and mental health care.   Very lengthy nosy questionnaires are being forced upon young students.  The questionnaires direct the student’s thinking into strange and dangerous conclusions.  Some parents subsequently have had home visits from child service agencies that have led to legal problems for the parents and the loss of their children to the state. 

The latest buzz words in education are “full-service community schools.”  These eliminate the need for parents or family home life.  It has become fashionable thinking that children’s needs are best met with 12 hour days, year round, at the community school where they will eat all meals, receive schooling, and have all of their physical, social, mental, and health needs met.

In his presentation of the Obama administration’s goal of 21st century education of community schools, U.S. Commissioner of Education Arne Duncan clarifies the real goal of School Based HealthCare Centers: they are part of the liberal “battle for social justice.”

Social justice is a code word for Cultural Marxism, the Marxist agenda for overthrow of a nation by destroying its culture rather than a violent revolution.

Is there a connection between ObamaCare and Common Core?  Without a doubt.  Each takes total control of a major part of American lives and culture…and the economy.  With each, people are brainwashed to meekly submit to the dictates of the government nanny. 

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