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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Drugging Kids For Profit

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. March 27, 2019

Although Texas Governor Greg Abbott had promised voters property tax relief and school finance reform, he declared mental health to be an “emergency item” for the 2019 legislative session. In response, nearly 150 mental health bills were filed with House and Senate Republicans leading the charge. The Grand Daddy of them all is Senate Bill 10 authored by Senator Jane Nelson and signed onto by 31 Senators.

If this legislation passes, Abbott’s big government “mental health emergency” will cost the Texas taxpayers nearly $8 BILLION!

After the 2018 deadly shooting of more than 10 at Santa Fe High School, Abbott pandered to the leftists’ usual call for gun control with a “School and Firearm Safety Action Plan.” Citizens and gun rights organizations rose up against the Red Flag Laws recommended in the plan. Citizens Education Coalition, led by this writer, sent the governor and Republican lawmakers a letter about their concerns over mental health issues in the plan. Lawmakers ignored the people and filed dozens of mental health bills to implement a massive mental health program for K-12.

Abbott’s reaction to school violence is a reminder of that of Obama. Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as justification, the Obama administration quietly introduced a behavioral and mental health program into public schools. Under the 2013 executive policy, “Now is the Time: The President’s Plan to Protect Our Children and Our Communities By Reducing Gun Violence,” more than $150 million dollars in federal funding was provided to K-12 schools to test students for signs of mental health issues.

Professor James. F. Tracy, in Global Research, suggests there may be broader motives and agendas than student mental health.

  • The federal government is aggressively transforming the healthcare system through the Affordable Health Care Act.

  • The psychiatric profession and drug manufacturers share a monetary motive to “persuade an increasing segment of the national and global population that it has more or more undiagnosed mental or emotional ‘disorders’ that require analysis and treatment.”

Since the early 1990s the psychiatry profession has been pushing for “mental health screenings” to find new patients. Pushing community mental health providers into public education means a steady revenue stream created diagnosing children with mental disorders which will then be treated with drugs purchased from Big Pharma. Health care dollars from insurance companies for treatment and from government agencies for research yield still more revenue.

Records of assessments, whether real or just imagined by a mental health provider, will follow children the rest of their lives. Many will become dependent on the highly addictive psychotropic drugs known as neuroleptics and will suffer from an array of adverse side affects.

According to a 2017 report, the rate of antidepressant use in the United States increased nearly 400 percent over the last two decades. With community mental health providers on school campuses, this will become an even greater national crisis.

The fundamental cause of most psychiatric disorders is not understood. If the cause is not known, there will be many students who will be mis-diagnosed. Yet it will be virtually impossible for parents to get the errors corrected in a child’s record that will follow him from school to workforce.

Massive amount of personal data will be collected with even more by the federal government for programs using federal grants. There is no medical confidentially protection for this data.

Where does this data go? It is stored in state longitudinal databases required by the federal government several years ago as an end run around the federal ban on collecting personal data. It is also stored at the U.S. Department of Education and through the new de facto national database will be shared with other federal agencies -- a government file on each citizen.

The interest of the U.S. government in funding mental health services in public schools to test students for psychological and behavioral traits has roots in the World Health Organization. This U.N. agency was created to assist nations in changing and monitoring their citizens’ beliefs and worldviews for a New World Order. The WHO director stated that it would be the role of the public schools to overcome the poisonous influences of American “parents [and] Sunday and day school teachers.”

Texas Senate Bill 10 boldly states the mental health centers will provide “consultation services and training opportunities for pediatricians and primary care providers” – read that as Texas kids will be guinea pigs for training medical providers with the taxpayers funding it.

A Media Advisory announcing a March 28 press conference in Austin, Texas by The Coalition for Protection of Parental Rights regarding the numerous Texas mental health bills sums it up,

“Taxpayer-funded universities and the dysfunctional Health & Human Services Commission will have direct authority over millions more of our tax dollars.  We all know that once they are funded to start looking for a problem, they are going to find one.  Conflicts of interest from pharmaceutical companies, special interests, and the universities themselves will be unavoidable under this structure.  Teachers, parents and school kids don’t need this kind of help from state government!”

Public schools are no longer academic learning centers. They are now profit centers – worth trillions – for big business.

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