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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Big Government, Big Money Collude to Control Our Kids

By Dr. Carole Hornsby Haynes  | August 7, 2014  WND

This fall 450,000 of the nation’s top students will study a radically different narrative of American history. The College Board, which administers Advanced Placement (AP) courses and tests, is rolling out a revised curriculum framework for AP U.S. History that paints America as an evil empire devoid of heroes. 

The College Board was founded in 1900 by 12 prestigious universities to create a standardized test to admit students based on merit. Now it has taken a dangerously different turn.  The Board’s website proudly notes its dedication to social justice. 

David Coleman, chief architect of the Common Core Curriculum Standards, is now president of the College Board.  The SAT which is administered by the Board, originally was intended to determine a college applicant’s future success and so was never aligned with any curriculum. Not until now.  Just recently Coleman redesigned the SAT to align with the Common Core. 

The new SAT will test what the Common Core actually teaches rather than what college freshmen are expected to know. The left is using the SAT to advance social justice, which likely will please most colleges and universities.

Coleman has also revised the AP U.S. History Framework from the traditional 5-page topical outline to a 98 page mandate so that, rather than being a guide for what high students should know, it now dictates exactly what the teacher must teach.

Key is that only those items in the framework will be tested on the SAT….nothing else.

Given this pattern we can expect the College Board to change the framework of the other 33 AP courses (Arts, English, History/Social Sciences, Math/Computer Science, Sciences, and World Languages/Cultures) that it administers, thus effectively skirting around state and local boards of education.

Moms against Common Core have a bigger problem now.  The College Board holds the keys to the kingdom.  Without satisfactory SAT scores, students may not be able to attend the colleges of their choice.  That can have a negative effect upon their future careers and lives.   

An out of control, massive federal government is colluding with greedy corporate giants that together are transforming American education -- and they are attacking at all levels.

Bill Gates casts a long shadow across America.  He is dangerously influencing American education as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funnels money to a vast number of entities.

Gates has spent billions of dollars to develop, promote, and fund the establishment of Common Core standards and testing in U.S. public schools.

In education media, the foundation supports Editorial Projects in Education, the parent company of “Education Week” magazine.  Grants have been awarded to

  • National Governors Association Center for Best Practices,
  • National Association of States Boards of Education,
  • National Association of Education Publishers,
  • National Conference of State Legislatures,
  • National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Education Fund,
  • League of Education Voters,
  • Center for Reinventing Public Education, and
  • Stand for Children Leadership Center. 

The Gates Foundation also has funded associations of unelected high officials such as the Council of Chief State Schools Officers.

Other donations of interest include these: $498, 055 to Clemson University for work with members of Measuring Effective Teachers (MET) team to determine feasibility of using Galvanic Skin Response bracelets with teachers and students, $15 million to Harvard for education policy research, and $1 million to national PTA.

A massive $100 million public school database spearheaded by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been developed to share student information with private companies -- such as Gates’ Microsoft -- that sell educational products and services so they can mine the information to create new tailored products. 

The Gates Foundation is funding independent school districts also.  Dallas, Texas ISD has received several Gates Foundation grants including a newly funded “personalized learning” program – a Common Core term.

It is hardly a surprise that Gates also funds the College Board -- as does the federal government – or that the College Board has aligned the SAT with Common Core. 

For Gates and friends the Common Core represents a vast fortune, valued by Rupert Murdoch at a $500 billion sector in the U.S. alone.

Tasting all that power, control, and riches beyond imagination, big money and big government have now thumbed their collective noses at the people and the states and permanently embedded Common Core.     

The left seems hell bent on entrenching its radical anti-American, anti-Christian agenda within the American education system on every front. We have Race to the Top District grants bypassing those states that have banned Common Core, data mining to glean minute details of personal student information to be used by corporate cronies to make more billions, an SAT that ensures all students will study Common Core, and the College Board rewriting AP course curricula for testing to ensure that our brightest minds and future leaders are thoroughly indoctrinated in left wing garbage about America.

Yes, it seems that all is in place for the changing of the guard in America.

Americans believe we will be able to overturn the left’s damage at the ballot box.  That is idiotic thinking. The liberals are churning out young radicals faster than we can give pink slips to career politicians.

Here’s what Americans are ignoring: Left wing radicals have always known they would win in the long term through education.

That is why the trend over several decades has been toward a federal government takeover of American education.  The underlying reason for federal control is not to better educate our children or to see “no child left behind.”  Rather it is a crucial part of the revolutionary agenda of leftists to control the minds and upbringing of our children.  

This is a familiar pattern among those who attempt to wrest control of a people.  One such attempt that is well documented is the takeover in Europe. 

On May 1, 1937, Hitler declared, “This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

Earlier Lenin had said, “Give me four years to teach the children… and the seed I have sown will not be uprooted.”

Unless this nation makes drastic changes -- immediately -- in the way we educate our youth, we can expect to see history repeating itself with the downfall of America.

It’s time for “change we can believe in.”  Change from the College Board, the SAT, Common Core, and a radical mandated curriculum. Change from a left wing driven agenda to the restoring of our founding principles.

Now that’s change we can believe in.

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