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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Nazi-Style Reign Of Terror In America

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. May 4, 2020

As America re-opens, can we expect life to return to normal? Not a chance! Reopening will be every bit as tyrannical as the shutdown has been.

We will see permanent social distancing and masks and elbow greetings because handshaking is just too risky, according to chief fearmongerer Tony Fauci. All this despite proof that coronavirus has a death rate similar to the annual flu and a recovery rate of 99.6 percent. Children seem to be totally immune to its effects. Science Magazine reports that people without symptoms cannot transmit coronavirus, despite the flawed study that Fauci pushes.

The next phase? Contact tracing - euphemism for total surveillance and social control. Thousands of people who have lost their jobs are being hired as contact tracers – snitches. Modern day brownshirts.

Contact tracers can quarantine at their discretion

There could be at least 300,000 snitches nationwide. California is building an army of 10,000 tracers that will serve as a template for the nation and create a whole new sector of public health workers.

In Charlotte, North Carolina when a county resident tests positive for the coronavirus, a worker calls that person to ask who they’ve been with recently. The worker then orders all those contacts to quarantine themselves for two weeks.

Government utilizes 5G tracers

Besides brownshirt armies tracing and contacting us, technocrats are creating smartphone snitch apps. Google and Apple have developed smartphone Bluetooth technology to monitor people who test positive. Anyone identified through Bluetooth as having been close to an infected person will be contacted by the government and can be forced to quarantine.

With 5G technology, the State will have access to high bandwidth snooping devices everywhere that people congregate.

Small businesses and churches targeted

We’re seeing local governments demand “non-essential” businesses to collect customer contact information before any service can be provided.

Kansas City is the first city to mandate this but others will follow. That means if you go to a gym, museum, bar, restaurant, movie theater, weddings, funerals, or church, you must hand over all of your contact information to the business establishment.

However, “essential” businesses such as grocery stores, medical and dental offices, and pharmacies aren’t required to ask for contact information.

This attack on small businesses reminds me of Cuba as it fell to Communism under Fidel Castro. He nationalized only big businesses so small business owners thought they were too small for the government and, therefore, safe. They weren’t. Castro shut down small businesses because it was too difficult to monitor and control them. Is that what is happening in America?

We will undoubtedly see lawsuits to stop these out-of-control governors and mayors from using their emergency powers to trample our civil rights. World Net Daily reports that a number of churches in Kansas City have contacted Liberty Counsel about a potential lawsuit.

“Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver noted Kansas City is requiring that churches "submit list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes."

"The new order states that by recording names and contact information, the health department will be able 'to more quickly trace, test, and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19,'" he explains.

"The Germans did this very thing to Jews – collecting the names and locations of all known synagogue attendees - in the early days of the Nazi regime," he points out.

“...the requirements will make people not want to go to church. That's because 10 days later, they could "get a phone call that someone in that vicinity may have COVID-19. Then they get summoned to quarantine.”

“That requirement chills constitutional rights to free speech, religion and assembly.”

Nazi-style surveillance

This is not about “flattening the curve” for public safety, but setting up Nazi-like measures designed to surveil, track and spy upon what was once a free American people.

With the populist movement sweeping in President Trump, the Deep State is terrified of being overthrown. They have instilled irrational fear for months. They have insisted upon social distancing and masks, not for health safety, but for creating a submissive people who are socially isolated and fed only government lies to deepen fear and dependency. They have deprived people of earning an income but offered piddling sums of cash for families and small businesses who may never recover. Millions have lost their jobs, cars, apartments, homes, and what little cash reserves they had. Some have taken their own lives. Depression and mental health problems are soaring.

This reign of terror is psychological abuse by our own American political leaders.


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