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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

The Perfect Solution To End Gun Violence In Texas

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. September 8, 2019

Following a second Texas shooting in the past month, Governor Greg Abbott is caving to Democrats who want to disarm law-abiding citizens under the pretense of “stopping the violence.” Fellow Texans, that would leave us as sitting ducks anytime nut jobs want to go on a wild killing spree. There is a far better solution – arm ourselves -- because gunmen never, ever are dumb enough to walk into a place where people are armed.

Abbott is under intense pressure from Democrats who are demanding nothing less than implementing Obama-era gun control that will forever end our Second Amendment rights. From all accounts, he is caving to their totalitarian demands while ignoring his conservative base, reminding us why the Republican Party is called the “party of stupid.”

Abbott, Patrick, and other spineless cohorts seem to have forgotten that failing to uphold our Second Amendment to keep and bear arms has cost many politicians their elected offices. Constituents are deeply outraged against the Governor and Lieutenant Governor,  their voices growing louder with each action that threatens to destroy our means to guard against a tyrannical government.

I reported recently about Abbott’s series of round table discussions. According to the Texas State Rifle Association’s report of the second round table, Governor Abbot and Lt. Governor Patrick proposed the creation of a Texas version of the Brady-NICS gun owner registry which requires government pre-approval of sales.

There were the usual Progressives’ demands for a universal background on any gun sales--“national gun registration”--and a ban on so-called “assault rifles” and magazines. Despite the Democrats’ misrepresentation for the purpose of creating mass hysteria, “assault rifles” are the modern day sporting rifle, not “weapons of war.”

Although retail firearm dealers are required to run background checks, private sellers are not. Abbott claims that terrorists may be buying arms through private sales and, therefore, background checks should be required for those.

Patrick is creating mass private sales hysteria, saying he’ll willingly “take an arrow” over background checks.

"That gap of stranger to stranger we have to close…..we allow strangers to sell guns to total strangers when they have no idea if the person they're selling the gun to could be a felon, could be someone who's getting a gun to go commit a crime or could be a potential mass shooter or someone who has serious mental issues."

-- Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, Dallas Morning News 9/7/19

Patrick told Fox News that 10-15% of gun sales are through private owners and that universal background checks would catch thecriminals or mentally ill. That is a very slim possibility, according to these government surveys.

Since 1991 surveys have been conducted by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics of state prison inmates imprisoned for gun crimes, report that most---90 percent, in the most recent survey—got guns by stealing them, buying stolen or illegal black market guns, or through “straw purchasers” who can pass a background check and illegally buy guns for people who cannot pass checks.

Debunking Democrats’ outrageous claim that criminals buy guns at retail shows where dealers are required to run background checks, the surveys consistently find that less than 1 percent of criminals imprisoned for gun crimes buy guns there.

Universal background checks and banning guns will never stop gun violence. Even after Venezuela did background checks and then banned guns altogether, the number of shootings actually increased. Although the government confiscated the citizens’ weapons, criminals still obtained guns while the people had nothing with which to defend themselves, least of all against a murderous government.

Under the guise of “public safety,” Governor Abbott has issued eight executive orders for state agencies to search social media to determine if you are a potential “threat.” An initiative is being conducted to educate the general public along with “friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates” about reporting those they consider a threat.

This gestapo tactic smacks of life under communism that incentivizes family members and friends to turn each other into the government for any manufactured reason. This tactic will inevitably become a political and religious tool to be used against enemies or as retribution, ruining the lives of countless numbers of innocent individuals.

Blaming those who are not guilty is an age old conspiracy tactic of power hungry rulers to round up, deprive of rights, and even imprison or execute those who are believed to stand in the way of the expansion and consolidation of their power. The fight between Republicans and Democrats is not really about stopping violence. The real reason Democrats want to ban guns is to take away our ability to defend ourselves against an oppressive government. In this case, the “guilty” are those who refuse to give up their gun rights.

Democrats have been opposing people having arms since the advent of the big-government Democrat Party under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Under Obama, that escalated as Progressives made guns their core issue to rally their voter base.

Regardless of what Lt. Gov. Patrick says, universal background check is a defacto state/national database of gun owners because the government requires the gun dealer to retain that information for a number of years. However, Dealers keep it permanently in case the information is requested later. We can be certain the government will grab that information at some point. Knowing where guns are located is vital for gun confiscation. Democrats have already said confiscation is their plan. Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said, “Americans who own AR-15s, AK-47s, will have to sell them to the government.” 

We have been forewarned.  It is up to us to stop this Democrat frenzy for more gun control in its tracks now.  We must stand our grand against such gestapo tactics by our Republican governor and lieutenant governor and their lapdogs.  Not only must we make thousands of calls to their offices, it may be necessary for us to "march on Austin."  And we must arm ourselves against a tyrannical government and crazed leftists.


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