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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Dallas Museum of Art Lecture Promotes Islamic Religion

By Dr. Carole Hornsby Haynes  |  June 3, 2014 

Dallas Museum of Art has strayed from its mission of exploring art from around the world to proselytizing for Islam.  The current exhibit is “Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World.”  

One of the accompanying events was the May 8th lecture by Dr. George Saliba, a professor of Arabic and Islamic science at Columbia University. 

A bit of research reveals that Saliba has a definite bias against the West and Israel, of course, and is known to vastly distort the truth about Islam. 

In “Poison Ivy” Douglas Feiden wrote this about Saliba, 

His classroom rants against the West are legendary, students have claimed.  One student says his “Islam & Western Science” class could be called “Why the West is Evil.”  Another writes that his “Intro to Islamic Civilization” often serves as a forum to “rail against evil America.”  A recent graduate, Lindsay Shrier, said Saliba told her, “You have no claim to the land of Israel ... no voice in this debate. You have green eyes, you’re not a true Semite. I have brown eyes, I'm a true Semite.” 

In “Columbia Professor: Muslims Discovered Everything!” Elder of Ziyonpulls no punches when he describes Saliba’s outlandish claims,

Certainly there have been major contributions to various sciences by Islamic scientists, especially in the first half the last millennium. But it does no one any favors to overstate or exaggerate this influence as if they are solely responsible for every major scientific breakthrough. And it is a bit hypocritical to try to discredit the achievements of non-Muslim scientists on the grounds that they were somewhat influenced by Islamic science, and not to credit the science that pre-dates Islam for influencing Islamic science itself. 

During the DMA lecture, Saliba did not mention art but rather “…focused on the ritual of Islamic prayers  (which believers have to perform five times a day).”  This was decidedly an Islamic religious lecture.  

The Qur’an was quoted frequently to give validity to the strange and overly complicated process of using angles to determine the precise moment for the five daily prayers.  There was no mention of the purpose of prayer but instead lengthy detail about how the length of one’s shadow determines the time for each daily prayer.

Saliba discussed how the length of one’s shadow is determined by the geographic location and whether there is any sun. Even the direction to which one prays to Mecca is determined by the sun’s angle.

Saliba said the difficulty in figuring the daily prayer schedule shows “…how complex it is to obey religious law.” 

However, he failed to mention that Islamic religious law is better known as Shari’ah.  Nor did he mention that compliance to Shari’ah is mandatory – even praying at the correct times – and those who choose to ignore the law face stoning, beating, mutilation of body parts, and even beheading.  

Saliba ignored these facts:

  • the persecution of those who don’t strictly follow Islam practices,
  • the persecution of “disbelievers,” such as those who were beheaded recently in Syria,
  • the Muslim kidnapping of 300 Nigerian girls to be sold into slavery, and
  • the growing number of killings of Americans on American soil and the honor killing in Irving, Texas.

Saliba ignored the fact that Islam is not a peaceful religion but, first and foremost, a socio-political system that uses a deity (Allah) to advance its violent agenda of socio-religious, socio-economic, educational, judicial (Shari’ah), legislative, and military.

Saliba ignored these facts:

  • that the vast majority of terroristic attacks are being carried out by Muslims,
  • that Muslims are killed if they leave Islam, 
  • that non-Muslims must ultimately convert or submit to Islam or be killed, and   
  • that Shari’ah requires Jihad to be waged as "warfare against non-Muslims” until all the world is under Islamic law.

Saliba ignored the fact that under Islamic law all of the following actions are legal, while under the U.S. Constitution they are illegal.

  • Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.   Qur’an (65:4)
  • Husbands may beat their wives.      Qur’an (4:34)
  • A man may have up to four wives.*     Qur’an (4:3)
  • Slave girls are the sexual property of their male masters.      Qur’an (4:24-25)
  • Women are the sexual property of their husbands.      Qur’an (2:223)
  • Women found guilty of lewdness, with the testimony of four witnesses, may be sentenced to confinement until death.      Qur’an (4:15)
  • Men found guilty of lewdness are to be punished and, if they repent, are forgiven and left alone.      Qur’an (4:16)

* Marriage: A Muslim man living in America circumvents U.S. law by marrying one woman in the U.S. courts and up to three in the mosque under Shari'ah.  Under the U.S. Constitution, Article VI, the Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” and does not recognize Shari’ah.  Because Islam does not permit any judicial system in a nation except that of Shari’ah, Muslims subversively work to overthrow all other legal systems and then take over that nation.

Saliba also did not mention that in recent months a fatwa was issued in Syria, so that “…sex-jihad with their sisters is now permitted if no one else is available.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, until recently, stated on its website that its mission is to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and impose Shari’ah.  The pattern of Islam is to use the courts, schools, art museums, and other major institutions including outreach to churches to infiltrate, gradually introduce Shari’ah, and then finally takeover a nation.

Statistics show that once the Muslim population in a nation reaches 2% of the total population, they become openly hostile and intolerant of anyone who opposes them and attempt to silence critics through any possible means.  The main target is Christians and Jews. 

This pattern of Islamic entrance into a nation is already occurring across America and indeed right here in our own backyard in Texas.

DMA is staging ongoing events for three months to showcase the Islamic exhibit.  With its fine collection of American art, why has not DMA promoted a similar series of events and lectures about the impact of our Judeo-Christian heritage upon American culture, education, and judicial and economic systems? Why are Christians not demanding that DMA exhibit Christian art?  After all, Christianity has had a vast influence across the globe for a longer period of time than Islam.

Of course, none of this will transpire because Muslims will use any means of retaliation should DMA undertake such a project.

Museum director Maxwell L.  Anderson states on the DMA website that, “Much of 2014 will see the DMA spreading its sails, to embrace the art of the Islamic world on a grand scale.”  His grand scale vision includes the new arrival of art from the Keir Collection through a long term loan so that DMA’s “Islamic art collection is transformed into the third largest of its kind in North America.”

It seems that Dallas Museum of Art has indeed become a willing partner of the Islamic agenda to increase the influence of Islam and Shari’ah in Texas and Dallas County.  One has to wonder how much money the DMA has received to promote Islam on such “a grand scale.”


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