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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

How To Stop Leftist Indoctrination In Schools

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. April 7, 2018 World Net Daily

Public K-12 no longer teaches objective and unbiased education. Instead, schools are centers of radical left wing indoctrination for Cultural Marxism, identity politics, and other anti-American ideas. Students are told what to think, not how to think.

Complicit in this indoctrination are administrators, teachers, textbook publishers, and “theorists” such as former Weatherman Bill Ayers (turned Professor of Early Childhood Education) who create manuals on “teaching social justice” for teacher development programs.

Teach for America partnered with EdX to produce a six-week online course for middle school teachers, Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Mathematics.” Sample lessons included instruction in “Unpaid Work Hours in the Home By Gender” and “Race and Imprisonment Rates in the United States.”

Stories about the daily horrors that children experience in radicalized school systems is chronicled in an excellent new report by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, “Leftist Indoctrination In Our K-12 Public Schools.

Creating racial hatred and white guilt are daily lessons in American public education.

  • In Aloha High School in Aloha, Oregon, students were given a “White Privilege Survey” for homework. The questions included, “I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the newspaper and see people of my race widely and positively represented.”

  • At Highlands Elementary School in Edina, Minnesota, students wrote poems about social justice and participated in a performance linking the Black Lives Matter movement with peace. The principal posted on the BLM website, “We are committed to disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages.’” The principal reported on her page that “students of color” had experienced 291 micro-aggressions” in a 90 day period. Children were encouraged to label all imagined slights as white racism and to rat on their fellow students.

  • At Norman North High School in Oklahoma a student recorded her white teacher, ”To be white is racist, period.”

  • In Philadelphia the Caucus of Working Educators, with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Union, created a lesson plan for “social justice action.” K-12 students were to discuss “white privilege” and experience feelings of racial resentment and guilt.

  • In Minnesota, employees were required to participate in “Edina School District Equity and Racial Justice Training: Moving from a Diversity to a Social Justice Lens.” Even bus drivers had to acknowledge their racial guilt and embrace the district’s “equity” ideology.

Petro-dollars from Saudis have been flooding American schools for decades to influence the curriculum. The Horowitz report shows how successful Saudis have been in getting Islamic indoctrination embedded in the American school curriculum.

  • In May 2017, the San Diego United School District initiated an anti-Muslim bullying campaign in partnership with the Council on American Islamic Relations, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist network. Safe spaces were created for Muslim students and lessons on Islam and prominent Muslims in history are included in the curriculum. No such program exists about Judaism.

  • In 2007 Carver Elementary School in San Diego gave 100 Somali students special accommodations with rearranged recess periods for afternoon Muslim prayers, the addition of Arabic to its curriculum, and non-halal foods removed from the lunch menu.

  • Students at La Plata High School in Maryland were required to copy the Islamic creed, “Shahada” which states, “There is no god but Allah,” and “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Students were required to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam. The curriculum included two weeks on Islam and one day on Christianity, presented in a negative light. A worksheet distributed at the school stated, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

  • In Maury County School District in Tennessee, middle school students in a world history class were required to copy the Five Pillars of Islam and “Shahada.” The class spent several weeks on Islam but little time on Christianity and Judaism.

The Horowitz report also includes stories of gender indoctrination in K-12.

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina are trying to add sexual orientation and gender identity/expression to its diversity policy.

  • The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction requires that “gender identity” and gender expression” be taught in grades K-12.

  • A first grader was sent to the principal’s office because she called a boy by his given name, unaware he had changed gender.

  • Sixth graders at Fox Chapel Middle Schools in Spring Hill, Florida were given a survey with explicit questions about sexuality and race and asked to indicate their comfort level with each situation.

Trump bashing is a popular indoctrination topic in K-12 among faculty and administration, according to the Horowitz report.

  • At Minnesota’s Edina High School, an advanced placement history teacher demanded that student Trump supporters explain to the class why they should not be considered racists.

  • After the 2016 election, Chicago Public Schools sent a letter to parents in which they bashed Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and President Trump.

  • A Seth, West Virginia high school art teacher wore a profane Trump bashing patch on her jacket during school hours.

  • At Brainerd High School in Minnesota, the school published student yearbook posts that used violent and derogatory language about Trump, including, “I would like to behead him.”

Yet there is good news. A solution is on the horizon for ridding public education of left wing ideology.

The Horowitz Freedom Center is spearheading a campaign to get state legislatures to create a “Code of Ethics for K-12 Teachers.” The code includes forbidding teachers from using their classrooms as a platform for political agendas. Violations of the code will be tough: probation, suspension, or even loss of a teaching license.

Now it’s up to the people to get this legislation passed -- and enforced.

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