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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

 Critical Race Theory in Texas Politics 

By Carole Hornsby Haynes March 12, 2021  

Critical Race Theory is a relentless attack on all of America’s norms and traditions. CRT combines Marxist theories of oppressor versus oppressed with the lens of race. It is not about race but about power. CRT is the tool used to stir up emotional responses by agitators who want to control minds – brainwashing.  

CRT is a classic Communist divide-and-conquer tactic. There are many parallels with the tactics used by Bolsheviks to pit people against each other. CRT trainers stoke hostilities through race consciousness in order to control people. As a “solution” to stop the crime and hostilities, a left wing totalitarian model of government is established.  

The Racist Lies of CRT  

Whites supposedly have created social, economic, and legal barriers for blacks to give whites economic and political advantages over blacks.  

Jason Riley, well known black scholar at Manhattan Institute and frequent TV commentator, takes issue with the view that American blacks are powerless. He points out that blacks are in charge of power in black/Democrat cities. Further evidence that blacks hold very powerful positions in America are the elections of Barack Obama as president and Kamala Harris as vice president.  

Blame Academia for CRT  

Critical Theory originated in Germany in 1937 by Marxist academics in Frankfurt who then went to Columbia University, having fled the Third Reich. Initially Critical Theory in the U.S. was limited primarily to academia but morphed in the 1970s into Critical Race Theory (CRT) and spread from higher education to the media, federal agencies and public education. CRT is the main philosophical school in identity politics.  

Critical race theory and its parent, critical theory, are rooted in a worldview that wants to dismantle social and governmental norms. 

The Effects of CRT on Civil Society 

A key tenet of CRT holds that social circumstances cause people to commit crimes for which they cannot be held responsible. This is the Marxist justification for nationwide protesting, violence, and looting. 

Protesters call for defunding the police and ending capitalism. A protester at the June 7 Washington, D.C. protest irrationally claimed that black communities are riddled with crime because poverty causes blacks to steal. Her solution was to defund the police and hand the money over to black communities to end poverty and, thus, eliminate the need for blacks to steal. 

CRT in Texas Bill to Abolish “Stand Your Ground” Law 

This CRT social justification for crime underlies the bill recently filed in the current Texas legislative session. Texas State Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) has introduced HB196 that would repeal the "Castle Doctrine" which allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an armed intruder who breaks into his home.

Meza want to disarm the homeowner against an armed intruder.

"I'm not saying that stealing is okay,….."All I'm saying is that it doesn't warrant a death penalty. Thieves only carry weapons for self-protection and to provide the householder an incentive to cooperate. They just want to get their loot and get away. When the resident tries to resist is when people get hurt. If only one side is armed fewer people will be killed." 

Meza proposed the homeowner should flee his home to avoid injuring the burglar. 

“… the homeowner's obligation is to flee the home at the first sign of intrusion. If fleeing is not possible, he must cooperate with the intruder. But if violence breaks out it is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure no one gets hurt. The best way to achieve this is to use the minimum non-lethal force possible because intruders will be able to sue for any injuries they receive at the hands of the homeowner. 

Meza offers further evidence to justify her mentally deranged thinking…. 

"In most instances the thief needs the money more than the homeowner does……."The homeowner's insurance reimburse his losses. On balance, the transfer of property is likely to lead to a more equitable distribution of wealth. If my bill can help make this transfer a peaceful one so much the better." 

This goes beyond Obama’s “share the wealth” to Marxist “justification” for disarming Texans. 

Silver Lining in the Thunder Cloud 

With Critical Race Theory being pushed into K-12 through Action Civics, Black Lives Matter curriculum, and the 1619 Project, America is in a rapid downward spiral into full blown Communism. It’s imperative that we make rapid changes in the education of our youth if we expect to remain free. 

The good news is that the Sleeping Giant has awakened and is pushing back against the CRT narrative. There has been a huge surge in the purchase of guns. People are taking to social media to denounce the Marxist tactics. Parents are beginning to look at what their children are learning and they are not liking it. Americans are making it clear that we do not intend to timidly accept the abusive treatment like that we have seen already under the Biden Regime.


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