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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Critical Race Theory in Texas K-12 Bills

By Carole Hornsby Haynes March 15, 2021 

Critical Race Theory is already in Texas schools but now supporters want to make this Marxist ideology a law. By adding it to the Texas Education Code, all state curriculum – and testing – must include Critical Race Theory. If passed, these bills will completely up end Texas schools and our lives. 

  • SB 1740 – American civics course will require students to engage in “community organizing.” (ACTION CIVICS

  • SB 174 - A curriculum and instructional materials will be designed for a civics course to teach social injustice and civil rights concepts. Students will become activists for a policy issue by engaging in public forums, serving as a nonvoting member of a local school board, or a youth dialogue, workshop, or other civic engagement program (read this as Community Organizing). (ACTION CIVICS

  • HB153 - The Texas Education Code will be amended to include a “Culturally Inclusive Curriculum” that will teach “diversity” and “explore the differences” of people. For those who have studied Critical Race Theory, the text of the bill is clear. Schools will be required to teach gender identity, transgenderism, white fragility, white supremacy, and racial bias.

  • HB 445 – to the required teaching of positive character traits, add “the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion” 

  • HB 4111 – Each ISD must hire “diversity, equity, and inclusion” officer. 

  • HB 2465 – Sec. 28.0029 “Cultural Inclusion Curriculum – develop curriculum on cultural inclusivity. The curriculum must encourage: (1) a student's sense of self; (2) an acceptance of diversity through the identification and exploration of differences; (3) critical thinking about bias through the identification and exploration of discrimination and stereotypes; (4) empathy toward others; and (5) advocating for oneself in the face of bias.” 

Action Civics: Building a Marxist Student Army 

Recently Illinois passed a law that, to get and keep a teaching license, all K-12 teachers are forced to indoctrinate their students in Critical Race Theory. Under the guise of American civics, this is going nationwide. 

Action Civics” is using the public classroom for community organizing and recruiting a Marxist student army.

Teachers will be forced to support and teach progressive viewpoints and perspectives. That means including the Cultural Marxist lies about race and sex and active discrimination against Christians and whites. In a nutshell, teachers will have to 

  • force students to accept lies as truth without questioning

  • recognize how their own and their students’ identity (sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, race/ethnicity, national origin, and language, etc.) affects their perspective.

  • believe and teach cultural Marxist identity politics

  • teach that the U.S. is systemically racist

  • teach that America’s system of inequity negatively impacts colored students.

  • teach Cultural Marxist activism

  • teachers will substitute social justice work or action civics projects for more traditional forms of testing when deciding on a students’ grade. If you’re conservative you will get an F. If you’re woke, you can sail by with straight A’s. 

Illinois’s state board of education and legislature no longer care whether teachers are proficient in their subject matter. The only requirement for getting and keeping an Illinois license is being a devoted Marxist who will spew this poison into the minds and lives of their trapped students. 

For years Chicago radical educators pressured the Illinois legislature to push a Marxist based civics course onto the state. In 2015 a civics bill was passed which forced local districts to discuss current political controversies and have students do service learning with local community organizations. This was a Trojan horse to the bill that was passed in February 2021 --- “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards (CRTLS)” – that goes far beyond the 2015 bill. It’s Marxist activism on steroids. 

The Texas bills listed above also are a Trojan horse that paves the way for legislation like the recent CRTLS of Illinois. 

The 2015 civics law allowed schools to use private funding to create their curricula. The far left Robert R. McCormick Foundation funds curricular materials and teacher training seminar. McCormick has used his wealth to take de facto control of the Illinois civics curriculum in the same way the Gates Foundation took de facto control of reading and math through Common Core. 

This “action civics” coalition is using Illinois as a prototype of what American civics is going to be when it gets to your state and local schools. Sure, they will tread carefully in red states but they intend to push this Illinois model into every state, using the Biden administration as its ally. 

The Biden administration is pushing the Critical Race Theory that forces boys and girls to shower and sleep overnight together, imposing different school rules for different races, and keeping schools closed as long as possible so our children can be completely dumbed down and easy prey for Marxist indoctrination. 

We Must Fight Back! 

1. Lawsuits are being filed but the legal challenge may well be whether an ideology can be taught in a state’s public schools according to the state’s constitution. 

2. A highly effective way is for parents to band together to stop Critical Race Theory both at the state and at the local level. There is strength in numbers. Parents can form a multi-racial coalition. It’s more difficult for a school or school board to resist 8-10 families than a single individual. Form letters can be sent to school boards and flyers can be distributed in neighborhoods to obtain local support. 

3. Call your Texas state representative and senator to STOP THESE BILLS! KILL THEM! They are a Trojan horse for Critical Race Theory in schools. 


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