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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Mob Rule Reigns: Dallas Honors Communists, Dumps Confederates
By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.   September 8, 2017

Mob rule has taken over Dallas City Hall.

The fix was already in even before the Dallas City Council heard our public testimony on September 6.  Prior to the meeting, cranes had been dispatched to the statute to remove the statute of Robert E. Lee.

In a blatant overreach of authority, the City Council decided 13-1 to ignore citizens and railroad the removal of all Confederate memorabilia, even that in the Fair Park displays.  Names of buildings and streets and schools must be changed.

Former Texas House Representative Will Harnett has warned this will cost many millions.  Just think of the disruption to businesses and even traffic as crews set about removing all things Confederate.   

It seems that City Hall is out of control and may even be incapable of governing Dallas. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway told radio talk show host, Mark Davis, that waiting 90 days for the Task Force report was dangerous.  His reason: As long as the statute stands, Dallas police are in danger. Quick removal will assuage future rioting.  

Is Caraway mentally capable of governing Dallas?  Such irrational comments lead us to wonder.

Of course, getting rid of Confederate memorabilia is not the real issue here.  The real issue is that, since the 1930s, neo-Marxists have been on a “long march through the institutions” in America to rewrite our history and destroy our Republic.  They intend, IF we allow it, to destroy every last vestige of our history.

Unfortunately the lessons we as a society could learn from the War Between the States have been hijacked by northern liberals who used the issue of slavery to taint the South.  The hoodwinking of Americans as to the cause of the Civil War is one of the more egregious acts of educational sabotage ever perpetrated on our nation. Original Civil War documents indicate there were multiple political cause with one being slavery.

If we are going to destroy our history, why target only Confederate history when there are numerous monuments to communists/Marxists?  Millions have been enslaved and murdered under this type of government. 

A good place to begin is with monuments to communists/Marxists Cesar Chávez and Dr. Maya Angelou.  Throughout Texas and even in Dallas there are schools, buildings, streets, and more named after these hard left radicals.

Since noises are being made to erect a statute of Angelou in place of the Lee statute, I thought it appropriate in my testimony before the City Council on Wednesday to point out that we must continue our purge of the memory of slavery and violence by removing all references to Chávez and Angelou.  Surely Dallas doesn’t want to replace Lee with a communist. Mayor Rawlings seemed quite angry with my comment as he scowled and tapped his foot.

Let’s check the facts on Chávez and Angelou.

Cesar Chávez

Cesar Chávez is touted as a civil rights leader for oppressed agricultural workers, organizing and leading them to achieve the American dream.

However, it was his organizing efforts and leadership of the early farm workers’ movement that brought him celebrity status.   He was trained at the far left wing Saul Alinsky School of Revolution and then returned to California to found the National Farm Workers Association (N.F.W.A.)  labor union.  

In 1966 Chávez organized a fake strike when workers preferred harvesting a large grape crop to striking.  Strike leaders brought in outside revolutionaries and declared the regular workers to be strike-breakers -- scabs.   When workers left his union, Chávez used radical left wing students who were rioting on American college campuses about the Vietnam war.

Media hounds ignore that Chávez regarded illegal workers with disdain and sent union thugs to the U.S. border to bar illegal Mexican immigrants from crossing the border to take the jobs of legal resident union workers.  

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and editor, Miriam Pawel, writes that Chávez cared much more about stardom than helping workers and eventually seemed to cease caring about them at all.  By the end of the 1980s he spent most of his time making money, usually with openly commercial ventures.  He had set up a fund, to which workers contributed, to pay for health and pension plans for migrant workers.  Most of the money was never spent and Chávez used millions from the fund for his own businesses.

When Chávez combined revolutionary racism with labor agitation, he attracted Communist support.  For representation and counsel about strike issues, Chávez and his union chose a Communist sympathizer and Communist Party members.  A top aide was Luis Valdez of the Communist Progressive Labor Party, who had trained for activity in Communist Cuba.  Personal speech writer was Wendy Goepel, a delegate to the Communists' Eighth World Youth Festival in Helsinki.   His secretary was Donna Sue Haber, a founder of the Communist W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.

Cesar Chávez Honored

Numerous streets, schools, parks, and libraries are named after Chávez.  His birthday, March 31, is a state holiday in California, Texas, and Colorado.  In 1994, President Bill Clinton posthumously awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  In 2003 the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in his honor.    In 2011 the U.S. Navy named a cargo ship in his honor and Barack Obama proclaimed March 31 as “Cesar  Chávez Day.”  Instead of celebrating Easter on its home page in 2013, Google honored the birthday of Chávez.  Military funeral honors were extended by the Navy in 2015, twenty-three years after his death.  The Cesar E. Chávez National Monument was established in 2012 and later added to the national park system.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Johnson, acted, wrote poetry, danced, and sang.  From hooker to presidential poet for Bill Clinton, Angelou played the role of a victim who rose above her humble beginnings to become an icon, cultivating a persona and manner to reflect superiority.  She insisted that she be addressed as “Dr. Angelou” though she did not attend college.  She was billed as a teacher at Wake Forest University, yet had no students.  Her office listed in the Wake Forest telephone directory was a storage closet in a remote campus building.

Eulogist Debbie Schlussman described Angelou as a rascist, U.S. hating, anti-Semitic, and over-rated writer.

Angelou’s hard left turn is evidenced in her embrace of Fidel Castro, Malcolm X, and Bill Clinton. She wrote, “Of course, Castro never had called himself white, so he was O.K. from the git. Anyhow, America hated Russians, and as black people often said, ‘Wasn’t no Communist country that put my grandpappa in slavery. Wasn’t no Communist lynched my poppa or raped my mamma.’”  

Liberals praised her talents with typical ideological solidarity, calling her a literary giant though she was “an author more revered than read.”

Playing the race card as a downtrodden victim of racist America, Angelou created for herself a handsome income well into the six-figures.

Dr. Maya Angelou Honored

A public school in Dallas is named in her honor as are schools in New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Washington, D. C.  She received numerous honorary doctorates from universities, including the University of North Texas in 2004. The U. S. Postal Service issued a postage stamp in her honor in 2015 and Congress named a Winston-Salem post office after her.  

Why are these radical leftists being given America’s highest honors? Traitors once were punished, not honored.  When we honor America-hating communists, we as a nation are in deep trouble.   Toppling Confederate statutes and flags is merely the tip of the iceberg.  This destruction of America will only stop if we take a forceful stand against further destruction. 

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