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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Notre Dame Cathedral Goes Woke with Disney-style

Theme Park Renovation

By Carole Hornsby Haynes December 23, 2021

As Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this week, we are reminded of the ongoing war to cancel our Western culture and religion by the proposed plans for a Disney-style theme park restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

In April 2019, people across the globe watched in horror as a massive inferno caused the 19th century spire and two-thirds of the roof to collapse. The people of France wept in the streets as the fire destroyed France’s most emblematic place of worship. One Parisian told the New York Times, “Paris is beheaded.”

President Emanuel Macron promised to restore the 858-year-old Gothic cathedral and the world responded with nearly one billion dollars in donations. Within days of the fire, however, the French government made it clear this would be a “new” Notre Dame, not a restored cathedral.

Architects from around the world offered designs for a new spire and roof. The proposals included a swimming pool and a car park on top, a rooftop villa for Quasimodo (the fictional protagonist in Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame), turning the cathedral into a McDonald’s restaurant, building a translucent dome as a monument to peace, and turning the building into a giant circus with a big top replacing the roof.

Catholics and traditionalist architects worldwide were outraged. Quickly Macron’s office backpedaled, announcing that the crown jewel of Paris would be restored to its former state – but only the exterior.

A sacrilegious transformation was being planned for the interior. Father Gilles Drouin, advisor to the archbishop of Paris, led the restoration of the interior. Confessional boxes, altars and classical sculptures would be either altered or replaced with contemporary art and new light and sound effects to create "emotional spaces." A "discovery trail" would lead visitors through themed chapels, including one with an environmental focus. Five chapels would be named for five continents, with multi-lingual quotes – including Mandarin – from the Bible projected onto chapel walls.

In an effort to justify his radical plans, Drouin said his proposed changes would make the cathedral more accessible to visitors “who are not always from a Christian culture.” Yet Drouin admitted that, before the devastation of the 2019 fire, 12 million tourists a year came to the cathedral with “most of them from non-Christian or post-Christian cultures.” Apparently it had been quite accessible despite its Christian culture.

That Father Drouin would propose such radical alterations to the historical Catholic cathedral is not unexpected. Christian churches and their leaders have been moving leftward for decades with the infiltration of Communism through liberation theology, a marriage of Marxism and Christianity.

Though many believe this was invented by Latin American Catholics, it was actually developed by the Russian KGB. In 1971 Kirill, who had just been elevated to the rank of archimandrite and also secretly worked for the KGB under the name of “Mikhailov,” was sent to Geneva as emissary of the Russian Orthodox Church to the World Council of Churches. His mission was to engage the WCC in spreading liberation theology in Latin America. In 1975 he was appointed to a position on the Central Committee of the WCC which he held until he became patriarch of Russia. Over the term of Kirill’s position in the Central Committee, liberation theology did become deeply entrenched in Latin America.

In 2013 Francis (former Archbishop Jorge Maria Bergoglio) became the first pope from the Western Hemisphere and the first from South America (Argentina). While some view Pope Francis as a refreshing change from the conservatism of previous popes, others say he has the “mind of a revolutionary” and excoriate him for his promotion of cohabitation, contraception, same-sex civil unions, and supporting pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin and the radical New Ways Ministry. Now the pope is under fire for his new restrictions on the traditional Latin Mass.

Not only have Marxists infiltrated the church but also departments of theology in major universities.

The efforts to radically alter Notre Dame are merely a symptom of a greater global scheme. To impose communism worldwide, Marxists must first cancel all memory and evidence of Western culture and Christianity. The underlying pillars of Western culture are its Christian religious traditions, especially the Ten Commandments. Western culture cannot be erased until Christianity is canceled.

The radical plan for renovating the interior of Notre Dame is evidence of how successful the war on Western culture has been.

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