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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

From the American Founding to Transgender Easter

By Carole Hornsby Haynes April 9, 2024   First Published by American Thinker 

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequte to the government of any other.  John Adams 

On Good Friday, the White House announced “transgender day of visibility” for March 31, which fell this year on Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The 651-word Proclamation issued by Biden declared: 

Transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our Nation.  Whether serving their communities or in the military, raising families or running businesses, they help America thrive.  They deserve, and are entitled to, the same rights and freedoms as every other American, including the most fundamental freedom to be their true selves….Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans:  You are loved.  You are heard.  You are understood.  You belong.  You are America, and my entire Administration and I have your back. 

This is in stark contrast to the way Christians are being treated and the growing number of attacks on churches – more than 430 in 2023 and more than double the number in 2022. Burning churches has become an accepted way to protest the overturn of Roe v. Wade by maniacal tyrants in their war on Christianity.  It was acceptable that a street preacher was assaulted at a Pride event (where naked men walked around children) and his Bible stomped, torn, and tossed into a porta-potty with no retribution for the violent lunatic while 10 police officers showed up to arrest the preacher. Yet the mere criticism of Islam’s Quran is enough to call out all the pack dogs on the infidel or chop his head off for desecration – “hate crime” -- of the Quran. 

In response to Biden’s Transgender Proclamation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted, “There is no length Biden and the Democrats won’t go to to mock your faith, and to thumb his nose at God.” Christians noted the great divide between Biden’s fawning Transgender Proclamation and his 75-word pablum about Easter. 

With the majority of Americans identifying as Christians and nearly 2.5 billion Christians worldwide, why is the president of the United States insulting them? Why are American Christians being targeted? 

The answer lies in the founding of America. Many of our most important values are from the Judeo-Christian heritage and its ethics. Morality and virtue are the foundation of our republic and necessary to our being a free people. A study by Liberty University reported, “From the beginning of our republic through the present, American courts have commonly quoted or cited the Ten Commandments and other portions of Biblical law in their official published decisions.” Christian values informed the creation of Western civilization. It was Christianity that birthed the idea of equality for all mankind, regardless of class, gender and race, transforming how human life was perceived. 

The importance of morality and religion in America was noted in a 1795 letter by John Adams to Abigail Adams, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Religion not only provides the solid foundation of values that stabilize culture, but it also offers a higher power that governs people.  Adams understood, if America became immoral and turned away from God, that it would fall to the rule of tyrants.

Two hundred twenty eight years later, America is no longer a moral and religious society. After failing to trigger a class revolution in Europe, Marxists realized it was the church and family that provided stability and prevented takeover of a Western nation. Their new strategy would be to destabilize a society by steathily destroying the church and all other institutions, along with the morals and values of the nation. Once a society is destabilized, crime and corruption become so rampant that the nation is overthrown from within by its own citizens. The culture is destroyed so Marxists can rebuild their own structure to suit their interests. The ruling party must establish itself as the ultimate authority which will not tolerate Christians who worship a higher power. Marxists began in the 1960s to quietly infiltrate all of our institutions; they have succeeded on a grand scale. They targeted education, entertainment, labor unions, and religion. Next they targeted the Biblical South and its culture.  After the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments were removed, they began to dismantle statues of our Founders and heroes. Now they are targeting the American flag and replacing it with the LGBT flag at the U.S. Capitol. 

Because the Democrat party has been hijacked by communists, attacks on Christians will be accelerated if Americans fail to stop the revolution. This is not an attack on Christians only, but on Western Civilization. Already Jews have come under vicious attack by the Left. As for believers of other faiths or even atheists, they, too, will become targets. America has been a land of freedom because of our Judeo-Christian heritage and “natural law.” If that is destroyed, there will be no freedom for anyone except a very small group of elites. 

The Democrat party hates America and our individual freedom and rights. They are plotting a totalitarian government of total domination and subservience of the American people. Christians will be as persecuted in America as they are in other nations. The Marxists want you to live in dread fear of what they can do with you, your children, your home, and your possessions. It is through fear that they exert control. Our Constitutional freedoms are already under attack. If we allow communists to seize control, any remaining freedoms we have will disappear. Sitting on the sidelines or waiting for the Second Coming is not a solution. Americans “must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”


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