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How TX Could Give $60000 Teacher Pay Raise Without Costing Anything

 What could go wrong with Trump's apprenticeship program...

July 28, 2017

How Texas Could Give Teachers A $6000 Pay Raise Without Costing Taxpayers Anything

July 14, 2017 Published by Dallas Morning News

The Texas Legislature is in special session to address 20 items, including a $1000 pay raise for teachers. The Senate has already passed this bill yet Texas could do more for its teachers. A new study shows how Texas could give a $6,300 pay raise each year without cost taxpayers anything. Read more



What Could Possibly Go Wrong With A Federal Apprenticeship Program?

July 19, 29017 Published by Daily Caller

President Trump is leading the charge to reform the failed federally funded job-training and workforce development programs. Despite his goal of reducing government control lawmakers are plowing ahead with more government regulations over the apprenticeship program. Focus in government schools is on workforce training. High school students are being trained for specific jobs with skill certificates rather than educating them broadly. What happens if a young adult decides that his teen choice of a career doesn't fit him now? Read more


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