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Alert: Stop TX Soviet-Style Education Bills



Socialist Job Training Becomes Priority... Not Academics

TX Bills: Socialist Workforce Training New Education Mission


The Texas House Education Committee hears testimony Tuesday, April 25 for SB 22 - Workforce Development / HB 2255/HB 1237 - Pre-K

Get Those Phones Goin’


What’s wrong with School-to-Work program?

•    Federally designed framework for curricula and instruction
•    Changes purpose of education from academic learning to job training and placement
•    Limits education choice; children forced to make occupational decision by 8th grade as  dictated by predicted local and regional workforce needs
•    Skill certification to become compulsory
•    Student gets credit for working during school day/business gets free labor
•    Links schools with jobs and government which becomes gatekeeper of education and employment for centrally planned economy (think “Soviet Union”)

Is vocational education needed in Texas where more than 50% of students do not go to college?  Yes.  

•    Apprenticeships with students working after school can provide career pathway.  Student remains in school to get solid academic education

RED ALERT: Keep those calls comin.'  See action alert below


HB 2255/HB 1237  -  FULL DAY PRE-K

What’s wrong with pre-K?

•    Common Core Standards in pre-K (thanks to federal Every Student Succeeds Act)
•    Children who don’t attend pre-K outperform those who do
•    Pre-K and daycare children show more aggression, bullying, and lack of control
•    Pre-K benefits fade from K-3rd grade
•    Children who don’t attend pre-K CAN catch up

We need as many calls & emails as possible going in to committee members!

Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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