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Trump Educ. Budget Cuts Reduce FED Control, Common Core

Should TX Pass Workforce Training Bill....

                                                               May 26, 2017


 Trump’s Education Budget:  Cuts Reduce Federal Control, Common Core

President Donald Trump has released his 2018 budget proposal that calls for a $10.6 billion cut to federal education initiatives, eliminating or phasing out at least 22 programs. This is a great start toward abolishing the unconstitutional Department of Education and restoring authority to the States. Read more



Should Texas Pass Workforce Training and D.C.-Style Education Planning?

The Texas House passed HB 136, amending the Texas Education Code to include “career and technology education and workforce training” in the mission statement of public education.

I support vocational training, but contrary to what many believe, workforce training is not about vocational training. Rather, it is a vehicle for a new governance structure that opposes free enterprise and representative government in favor of a centrally planned and managed economy.

The government – in alliance with Big Business – herds unsuspecting parents and students into early workforce paths in order to crank out ready-made “widget-producers” or computer coders for Big Business. Read More


Texas State Board of Education Allows Common Core Math Standards

In an astounding dismissal of the wishes of Texas parents, the State Board of Education voted 9-5 to keep the Common Core-compliant processes in Texas Math Standards. They have ignored that, when we compare the 2015 NAEP eighth grade math scores with the 2011 scores, Texas has actually dropped more than any other state!  

Dr. James Milgram, world renowned research mathematician said the Texas collapse in eighth grade math is the MOST DRAMATIC in the nation! Read More


How Data Mining Your Children’s Behavior Is Changing the Face of Education

If cutting edge education technologies can enhance student learning, why do so many Silicon Valley executives at Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Google, and Yahoo send their children to the Waldorf School of the Peninsula that bans computer technology in the classrooms?

Is the real purpose of promoting personalized learning – computerized learning – really about accumulating massive amounts of data that can be used for a centrally planned economy?

What is being collected, where is it stored, and who has access to the millions of data points?  Furthermore, why is it being collected and how do we stop this invasion of our lives? Read More




Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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