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Education Takeover: U.N., Feds, and Billionaires

 What 'Every Student Succeeds Act' Means for Texas: Why and How We Must Stop It.

Education Takeover:  U.N., Feds, and Billionaires

What Every Student Succeeds Act Means for Texas:  Why and How We Must Stop It

May, 26,  2016                                           

(See below the YOUTUBE and handout materials from these remarks that I delivered to the Park Cities Republican Women on April 19th, in Dallas, Texas) 

Mystery:  Why have billions of dollars, years of reform, and policy changes brought ever worsening public schools with an average reading level of the seventh grade for high school graduates? 

Mystery solved!  There has been an agenda for decades to replace the free market of the U.S. with a planned economy and to replace our national sovereignty with a world government. 


Since the mid-1800s global visionaries have taken incremental steps toward a world government with a redistribution of human and financial resources through migration and a global economy and welfare system.  They foresaw the creation of a uniform worldwide education system to standardize social learning and work skills to train a mobile global workforce.  These visionaries included an eclectic blend of primarily British and American socialist visionaries, financiers, wealthy capitalists, and communist revolutionaries. 

From around 1918, the titans of American industry -- Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Mellon, Vanderbilt, et al, colluded to keep the working middle class from rising to power because they sought exclusive control.  In 1934 the Carnegie Corporation published a study, now archived, about controlling Americans by gaining control of public education and modifying student behavior and views to reject American culture, traditional values, and free market economy.  The Social Sciences would be the vehicle. 


In 1945 after decades of plans, propaganda, and political and financial manipulation, the United Nations finally was launched with Communist spy, Alger Hiss, as its first Secretary-General and co-author of the founding charter.  The U.N. sought to undermine national sovereignty and the American economic system, while channeling power and money to a small elitist group who will rule a one world government.

NOTE:  For decades only Communist leaders held the U.N.’s highest military post. 

To disseminate its propaganda widely, the U. N. in 1946 established its worldwide education change agent – UNESCO.   It was UNESCO that initially funded the International Baccalaureate program which is commissioned by the UN.  UNESCO continues to fund certain IB activities and describes IB as a “partner” in its international education initiatives. 

In 1948 the World Health Organization (WHO), a U.N. specialized agency, was established under the leadership of Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first director-general.  In 1946 he had presented a paper at a U.S. mental health conference, stating that we have been fed “poisonous certainties” by “our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers” and it would be the role of the public schools to overcome that influence. (For additional information on U.N. and mental health clinics in public schools, click here

On January 10, 1963 a list of 45 Communist goals were read into the Congressional Record. The list was derived from FBI agent Cleon Skousen’s book, The Naked Communist. The education goals included:

  • promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind;
  • get control of the schools and dumb down the curriculum;
  • use schools to spread propaganda;
  • eliminate prayer in schools;
  • present homosexuality, degeneracy, and obscenity as “normal, natural, and healthy”;
  • promote pornography; and
  • discredit the Constitution and Founding Fathers.

NOTE:  Nearly all of the 45 goals have been accomplished.  For detailed information about each goal, see The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist – Revisited, by James C. Bowers. 

Although UNESCO's efforts in the 1960s and 1970s to influence U.S. school curriculum were unsuccessful, on November 17, 2004 an American billionaire changed that.  Bill Gates, on behalf of Microsoft Corporation signed a “Cooperation Agreement” with UNESCO to develop a worldwide master curriculum for training in information technologies based on standards, benchmarks, and assessment techniques.  Per the Agreement the curriculum will provide training content for teachers with UNESCO determining how to handle content development.

Question: Why is the United States a member of the United Nations and UNESCO? 


In December 2015, Congress passed the massive Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) with support by a majority of the GOP. (Click for House votes – Click for Senate votes) During C-Span televised discussions, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio said, “I believe this bill helps us get back to redefining what the Common Core is…,” social and emotional learning which must come first before academic learning.  Under ESSA the federal government is now requiring testing of non-academic skills (SEL) -- children’s thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors -- even though it has no constitutional authority to do so.  

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin confirmed in a prepared statement that he was proud “the legislation includes language to help expand and make the teaching of social and emotional learning [Common Core] more effective!” 

As though the GOP-led Congress has not done enough major damage to education with their statist Every Student Succeeds Act, now they are all fired up to do even more damage with the federal psychological profiling and data mining bill that has passed in the Senate and is pending in the House.  Strengthening Education Through Research (SETRA, S. 227 - Part B, Sec. 132) allows students to be used as pawns for research in social and emotional learning beginning in preschool(page 28, line 16-21).   This is a violation not only of the 10th Amendment, but also the 4th Amendment.

Rather than returning power to the states as some proponents claim, ESSA expands the federal footprint in education as it codifies into federal law a preschool program, still requires the Education Secretary to approve state standards, and mandates annual testing in grades three through eight and again in high school. No other country in the world has such a massive annual multiple-grades testing program.  

Peter Cunningham, former assistant Secretary for Communications to Education Chief Arne Duncan, admitted that, “Under the new law, every state must adopt “college-and-career-ready” standards. Thus, the new law all but guarantees that Common Core State Standards—or a reasonable imitation under a different name—will likely remain in place in most states.” 

Arne Duncan in an interview with Politico Pro confirmed their intention, “The core of our agenda from Day One, that’s all in there – early childhood, high standards [i.e., Common Core]…For the first time in our nation’s history, that’s the letter of the law.”

In shades of totalitarianism with workforce training, ESSA is funding $10 million for the development of a statewide Family Engagement in Education Program with states being required to adopt their own plan or use that of the USDOE. The draft policy statement (see pages 13-14) jointly issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education, states that families will become partners with the federal government.  Home visitation programs are promoted with a focus on social emotional parameters and data collection for young children. This means the government will assess children every single step of their lives from cradle to career to be sure they acquire government approved attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions.

In Texas, House Bill 4 passed in 2016 provides a grant for additional pre-K programs along with a monitoring requirement.  On the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website are details about the Family Engagement plan that is already in place for pre-K.  Monitoring includes home visits and testing for social emotional development. The program is tied also to local workforce development boards. With the federal requirement for Family Engagement will come federal strings and monitoring.  

Our legislators and educators do not recognize the dangers in this program; yet my friends who have fled Communist countries clearly understand that is an agenda to take over our nation and our freedom and are extremely worried.

Question: Why are our state legislators and state boards of education not opposing the implementation of ESSA?  It is unconstitutional!


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped to finance the National Governors Association pilot project in Idaho to train students for the global economy. There were a total of six states selected by the NGA for the pilot program. The National Governors Report of December 2004 clearly shows that the purpose of the program is to use the public schools to build a planned economy, going so far as to label Americans “human capital” for the workforce.

According to the report, students in K-12 will be channeled into career pathways to develop a workforce for multi-national companies.  This is indicated in such phrases throughout the report as

  • “using schools to feed workers into selected corporations,”
  • “identifying their state’s key industries and needs for skilled workers in order to define a common agenda between their workforce and economic development programs,”
  • “connecting workforce development to economic needs,”
  • “the integration of education, economic development, and
  • “workforce development policies.”

In Idaho students were to decide by the 6th grade -- later changed to the 8th grade -- what their career would be. 

Since 2004, this workforce program has been kicked into high gear by politicians and businessmen who think they have a special red telephone line to God in predicting future jobs and channeling students into career pathways – with students being pressured to make career choices by the 8th grade.  This will narrow their education options. What if that job planning is not accurate? What if the student decides on another career later after being narrowly trained in early life? Workforce planning poses a dangerous threat to the future of students as well as the economic health of our nation. 

Watch for these education buzzwords that are references to a planned economy:

  • career pathways,
  • school-to-work,
  • meaningful outcome measures,
  • workforce development system reform,
  • education pipeline,
  • redesigning high schools,
  • smaller learning communities,
  • cluster-based economic development strategies, and
  • business-education partnerships.

Politicians, businessmen, and educators are moving our nation toward a planned economy.  

For those who naively believe that Bill Gates has unselfishly funded a broad spectrum of education programs, including Common Core, with numerous grants for technology and related training for schools, they should get their heads out of the clouds and look at the facts.  Gates has made hundreds of millions from standardized testing alone.  He makes even more with computer hardware and software which would be worldwide per his 2004 Agreement with UNESCO. 

Twenty-first Century Learning is essentially all things technology with Big Tech convincing politicians and education bureaucrats to join the “New Global World” that no longer needs teachers and textbooks.  Twenty-first Century Learning proponents argue that educational reform can be achieved through technology.  Teachers will be replaced by low level online tutors and classroom facilitators.  

Tech and publishing giants have moved swiftly to capture the $500 billion K-12 education market – second in size only to healthcare.  With the Common Core national standards entangled in place in most states, there is no longer a reason to deal with 50 separate standards. How easy it is now for these government cronies to control Common Core aligned classroom and online curriculum materials, hardware and software products in the classroom, and government mandated standardized testing – via computer! 

Benefactors of this massive testing are the testing companies such as Pearson and Achieve and billionaire partners.

Through ESSA the Feds are funneling federal dollars into “school choice” via charter schools, including pre-K charters. Although charter schools are seen as a school choice favored by conservatives, billionaires including the Gates, Waltons, and Broads have discovered how charter schools can greatly enhance investment portfolios and, shoving aside Democrat controlled teachers’ unions, are piling onto the K-12 money wagon for their share of the education money tree.  This funding is also available for Gulen charter schools that are linked to radical Imam Fethullah Gulen.

Education policy is now dictated by billionaires, the federal government, and the United Nations instead of the American taxpayers.


As parents learn the truth about the purpose of public education and standardized testing with its data mining, large numbers are opting their children out of testing.  Many are fleeing public education altogether, choosing to educate their young at home and in private schools.

Only when parents have options to traditional public education -- school choice -- for educating their children will we be able to escape federal control over education.  As dictators well understand, control over the minds of children give them permanent control over a nation.



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Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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