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Common Core in TX: Math Scores Drop Worst in U.S.



What the Senate Should Ask Trump's Education Pick

The Common Core War Rages On

January 17, 2017

Common Core Math in Texas: Texas Math Scores Drop Worst in U.S., Says Expert

The TEA is hiding the fact that when we compare the 2015 NAEP eighth grade math scores with the 2011 scores, Texas has actually dropped more than any other state!  The collapse in eighth grade math in Texas is virtually catastrophic.   Read more



 What the Senate Should Ask Trump's Pick for Education Chief

President-Elect Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary is scheduled to begin confirmation hearings on January 17.  While Democrats greatly fear what she might do to reduce their tyrannical control over public education, conservatives also are deeply concerned about where she stands on various issues.   Read more


Why Do the Dems Loathe Betsy DeVos?

Already the liberal hypocrites are doing what they do best – character assassination of anyone not of their radical ilk.  What is their real concern about Betsy DeVos?  Read more



Staunch Common Core Supporter Is Top Contender for U.S. Education #1 Deputy

Allan B. Hubbard is reported to be a top contender to serve as Betsy DeVos’ #1 deputy. Since Hubbard is a staunch supporter of Common Core, why is he being considered when Trump campaigned on ending Common Core?   Read more



Common Core Math in Texas?  And Why Has the SBOE Done Nothing to Resolve the Issue?

The Texas Math Curriculum Standards contain Common Core process standards. Renowned math expert James Milgram says the standards have little to do with math and everything to do with social engineering.  So why does the SBOE not do something about it for the sake of the children?   Read more


Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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