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Feds/Big Tech Join to Push Addiction In Schools

How much are Texans paying for illegal immigration? Why are they saddled with these costs
11 April 2018

The High Cost of Illegal Immigration To Texans 

How much are Texans shelling out each year for 1.9 uninvited guests? Why are Texans saddled with these costs? (Read More) 

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How To Stop Leftist Indoctrination In Schools

Excellent new report from David Horowitz Freedom Center with stories about the horrors students face daily tn public schools.  Here’s a solution for stopping the left wing indoctrination! (Read More)


Feds/Big Tech Join To Push Addiction in Schools

Why are the Feds and Big Tech joining together in American classrooms? (Read More)



Spendthrift Congress Expands Fed Ed With Omnibus Bill

Congress ignored the public protest about data mining legislation and funded it along with other left wing programs to the tune of $2.6 billion. (Read More)



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