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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Japan Has It Right On Muslims  

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. |  September 28, 2015  World Net Daily

With the influx of thousands of Muslims, President Obama is rapidly accomplishing a dramatic cultural transformation of America.  Our national heritage is being destroyed and our national security is in danger.  

Our Constitutional Republic founded on Judeo-Christian principles is totally incompatible with Islam and Sharia law.  Although President George Bush called Islam a peaceful religion, it is anything but peaceful.  In fact, Islam is a system -- religion, military, and political.  Bill Federer at American Minute compares the Quran and the Constitution to show how incompatible they are. 

Since the Bible and Quran are completely opposite in their teachings, it is impossible to uphold the Constitution using the Quran. Because Dr. Ben Carson said a U.S. president should be “sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran,” he is now on their kill list.  

Before allowing any more Muslims to enter our country, we need to observe closely what is happening in other nations with Muslim populations.  

In Rotterdam, Netherlands a Muslim approached a young woman to chastise her about her clothing – immodest by his definition – and when she rebuffed him, he beat her unconscious.  

In France a gang of Muslim girls attacked a bikini-clad 21-year-old woman in a park in France. 

In Germany there is epidemic raping of women and children by males in Muslim-dominated refugee camps.

On the Italian-Austrian border, Muslim migrants tried to overturn buses, pulled an elderly woman by the hair from her car because they wanted to steal it, and threw bottles and feces at bystanders.

In the U.K. a Palestinian Muslim family lives in a £1.25 million taxpayer-funded luxury home paid for with a £20,000 housing benefit.  The ungrateful family has trashed the house and yard, outraging neighbors.   The mother said, “I don’t care if people think I am not grateful. I am entitled to live in a house like this even if I don’t pay for it…I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits because I am human…In this country, it is our right to live here. It is important for my kids to have space to play.”

In America, Muslims are demanding foot washing baths at airports, halal food in jails, Arabic studies in public schools and universities, and the banning of pork from public places. They proselytize in public schools while denying the same to Christians.  There have been honor killings in Texas and other states.

Muslims are open about their intent to shred the Constitution and install Shariah as the law of the land in America.  Their rationale is that Sharia law is from Allah while the Constitution is manmade.

The West has welcomed an endless stream of immigrants from third world nations which has contributed to downward spiraling economies, increased crime rates, increased unemployment rate of natives, and an unsustainable number of people on welfare rolls.

The greatest problem, however, is that these new immigrants pose a serious threat to the very existence of Western civilization.   Muslims do not share the values that are the cornerstone of Western civilization.  They refuse to assimilate, demanding instead that Western nations accommodate their culture and laws and financially support them, while openly despising us.

Japan has chosen to approach Islam differently, both officially and publicly and so has avoided the problems of the West.  At the diplomatic level, senior officials in Japan rarely entertain Muslim leaders and rarely visit Muslim countries.  The relationship extends only to the Japanese importation of oil and gas products from some Muslim countries.

Muslims who go to Japan are usually employees of foreign companies, although the official policy is to deny entry to Muslims, even engineers, doctors, and managers.  Japanese corporations seeking foreign workers let it be known that Muslims need not apply.  Construction workers brought in through foreign contractors keep a very low profile.

Permanent residency is seldom granted to Muslims.  The official policy is not to grant citizenship to Muslims, regardless of how long they have lived in Japan.

If Muslims are caught proselytizing for Islam, they can be deported and/or jailed.

It is difficult to import Quarans and few mosques exist.  The establishment of Muslim organizations is forbidden.  Few Arabic classes are found in universities.   Men are expected to pray at home and not prostrate themselves collectively in public areas unless they wish to risk jail and/or deportation.

Halal food is not readily available in supermarkets and Shariah law does not exist at all.  

Unlike Americans who get caught in the politically correct trap of trying to distinguish between radical and moderate Muslims, Japan assumes that all Muslims are fundamentalists who are unwilling to give up their barbaric ways and Shariah law. 

Unlike Americans, the Japanese do not find it necessary to apologize for their attitude toward Muslims and their officials politely refrain from answering questions about their discrimination of Muslims. 

Unlike America, Japan does not have organizations to defend Muslims against the government nor are there contractors making billions of dollars to resettle Muslim refugees.

Japan, unlike America, protects its workers from migrant workers who would take the jobs of natives. They believe that Japanese jobs are for Japanese workers, even if the labor cost is higher.  

America is at a crossroad.  If we believe that our national heritage and our unalienable freedoms are important to save, then we must halt immigration and rethink who we should accept.  Will they embrace our Judeo-Christian values and traditions?  Will they assimilate and learn our language? What will they bring to this nation in terms of skills and education? Are they third world poverty stricken migrants looking for handouts? 

We cannot continue to be the world’s nanny.

Muslims are using our First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and speech to bully us into submission.  They are open about how they are using our own laws against us to impose Shariah law. 

We must stop the guilt trip and decide if the United States of America that was founded in 1789 is the nation that we want today for ourselves and our children.  If it is, then we must return to the Constitution as it was intended by our founders.

We must send packing all immigrants, activist judges, the U.N., and any others who want to change our national heritage and our Constitutional Republic. There are other countries they can destroy, but not ours.

Copyright 2015 Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.  

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