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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Anti-Sharia March Rallies on June 10 Alert Public to Islam Atrocities of Female Genital Mutilation, ‘Honor’ Violence

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.      June 7, 2017   Published by Texas Insider

On June 10, “March Against Sharia -- March For Human Rights” rallies will take place across the nation including the Texas cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Richardson (site of the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial in 2008). 

ACT For America is organizing the rallies to bring public awareness to the atrocities of Islam including female genital mutilation, honor violence and the blasphemy and apostasy laws.

A 2015 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice identified four types of honor violence: forced marriage, honor-based domestic violence, honor killing and female genital mutilation.

Female genital mutilation (FGM), the butchering of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons, is performed in 29 countries.  Though illegal in the U.S., it is being practiced here under the radar. Recently three Muslim doctors were charged with performing FGM on two 7-year-old girls in the Detroit area. The doctors are arguing that FGM is a religious practice and interference is tantamount to religious discrimination.

FGM is a barbaric female circumcision that results in a lifetime of complications, bleeding, painful urination, recurring bladder and urinary tract infections, and scar tissue that makes sexual intercourse excruciating and childbirth dangerous and tortuous.

FGM is practiced most widely in the Islamic world in the Middle East but has now spread to Central Asia and the Far East.

Although many Muslims claim FGM is a pagan African custom that has nothing to do with Islam, many believe it is a requirement of Islam.

As more Muslims and Africans enter the U.S., the number of those at risk for FGM increases. According to the figures from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), more than half a million women and girls are at risk of undergoing FGM in the U.S. or abroad – known as “vacation cutting” – or have already undergone FGM.

An estimated 91 percent of victims in North America are murdered for being “too Westernized.” About 27 occur each year by a Muslim male killing or mutilating a female family member accused of bringing shame and dishonor to the family and to Islam.

However, a study conducted by Dr. Phyllis Chesler, “When Women Commit Honor Killings,” reveals that women are also known to carry out honor killings because the victim is thought to be too “Western” and “disobedient.”

In the 21st century in the United States, how can honor violence occur? Yet consider these.
•    Shaima Alawadi was killed by her husband in 2012 because she wanted a divorce
•    Aiya Altameemi in 2012 was tied to a bed and tortured by her family because she was seen talking to a boy.
•    Noor Almaleki’s father ran over her in his Jeep in 2009 because she refused to enter into an arranged marriage with an Iraqi who needed a green card and because she had become “too Westernized.”
•    Sann-deela Kanwal was strangled in 2008 by her Pakistanian father because she wanted to end her arranged marriage.
•    Fauzia Mohammad was stabbed eleven times by her brother in upstate New York because she wore “immodest clothing.”
•    In 2008 in Irving, Texas an Egyptian born taxi driver shot his two daughters in the back of his cab because they were dating non-Muslim boys.

Under Sharia -- Islamic law and a total way of life -- all of the following actions are legal, while under the U.S. Constitution they are illegal.

•    Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.   Qur’an (65:4)
•    Husbands may beat their wives.      Qur’an (4:34)
•    A man may have up to four wives.*     Qur’an (4:3)
•    Slave girls are the sexual property of their male masters.      Qur’an (4:24-25)
•    Women are the sexual property of their husbands.      Qur’an (2:223)
•    Women found guilty of lewdness, with the testimony of four witnesses, may be sentenced to confinement until death.      Qur’an (4:15)
•    Men found guilty of lewdness are to be punished and, if they repent, are forgiven and left alone.      Qur’an (4:16)

*Marriage: A Muslim man living in America circumvents U.S. law by marrying one woman in the U.S. courts and up to three in the mosque under Sharia.  

Because these immigrants are not assimilating into our Western traditions and accepting the Constitution as the Supreme law of the land, there will be an increasing culture clash as they cling to their deep-seated customs and behaviors and Islamic laws.

Liberals who tout women’s rights ignore the ugly truth about Islam and accuse those who speak out as being Islamophobics. Because of the political correctness that grips our nation and their fear of offending Muslims, many people will not speak out when they see or hear about these atrocities.

The “March Against Sharia -- March For Human Rights” intends to expose the pagan violence sanctioned in the Qur’an and to encourage freedom loving Americans to speak out against it.

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