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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

U.S. Schools Cave to Sharia Law
By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.   June 18, 2017   

American schools continue to cave to Sharia demands by Muslim students.

Recently high schools in the state of New York were pressured by Muslim students to give preferential treatment for their observance of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Accommodations included prayer rooms, special diets, and time away from school.  

Because the senior prom at Brooklyn Tech was being held during Ramadan, Muslim students demanded the date be changed even though it was set months ago. School officials refused but did agree to delay serving food until after the day’s fast ended at 9 p.m.

In Saratoga County, school officials agreed to set up campus prayer rooms specifically for Muslims to pray during school hours. Because Islam dictates specific prayer times for followers, Muslims demand and expect that the rest of the nation -- and the world -- will accommodate them.  School officials justified their unequal treatment by sayipublic school students reading scores for 2016ng they can’t refuse to allow a student to leave a class to pray so a nearby prayer room will allow them to return to class quickly.   

The Pew Research Center shows that 70.6 percent of Americans ascribed to Christianity with 0.9 percent identifying as Muslims.  Why then are Christian holidays either eliminated or changed in name – Christmas is “Winter Break” and Easter is “Spring Break” because school officials claim there must be separation of church and state while they allow the Muslim religious holiday to be mentioned and celebrated on school grounds?  

Obviously Muslims are a protected class while Christians are the persecuted class.  This is America!  

In 2009 CAIR complained of favoritism when Christian students in Roseville near Detroit, Michigan were given permission slips to attend off-site Bible study classes.  Yet in 2012 CAIR pressured Dearborn public schools for Muslim prayer on school campus with early class dismissal on Friday for Jumu’ah prayers.

In March 2017, the story broke in Texas news that, for the past seven years at Liberty High School in Frisco, Muslim students have been given preferential treatment with the transformation of a classroom into a campus mosque for 30 minutes each weekday.  

Although school officials denied that the room was exclusively for Muslims, there are very critical questions that must be addressed, as noted by Leo Hohmann.   
•    Could a male Catholic student, for instance, walk into the room during the prescribed Islamic prayer time, sit on the female side of the room and pray the rosary?
•    Would a non-Muslim be allowed to walk into the prayer room at the designated time and not take off his/her shoes and sit next to a member of the opposite gender?
•    Could an evangelical student bring his Bible and offer to close the prayer time with a reading from the New Testament?
•    Could an Orthodox Christian set up an icon of Christ and venerate it with the sign of the cross?
•    Are these students trusted to fulfill the Muslim duties of Friday prayer without an imam present?
•    Are they performing the ritualistic Muslim requirements for foot washing before the Friday prayers, and, if so, where are they doing this?

It is clearly constitutional to set aside a room on campus for students of any faith to use for prayer but is it constitutional when the accommodations are for only one religious group?  Unequal treatment of various religious groups presents a problem if it occurs at public institutions.

If Muslims expect special religious accommodations in our public schools, then we must make accommodations for other religions as well.   If Americans are too afraid or just don't care enough to speak out about the persecution and bullying, then we won't have the freedom to do so in the not too distant future.

Islamization begins with small requests for religious accommodation.  As we see happening in Europe, small successes breed more aggressive demands until Muslims win the psychological war.  Getting non-Muslims to gradually accept Sharia is civilization jihad -- a non-violent, subversive effort to destroy Western civilization from within.

Muslim students are being specifically trained in how to get special religious accommodations by using our own First Amendment to their advantage.  One source is Sound Vision that provides on its website a 6-Step Guide.  Another source is the Muslim Accommodations Task Force which leads efforts to bring foot baths, halal food and Muslim prayer rooms to school everywhere. This task force was formed in 2007 by the Muslim Student Association (MSA), an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 with the goal of resurrecting the Islamic caliphate.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated that the Islamist movement’s highest goal is to indoctrinate young people so they will abandon the U.S. Constitution, convert to Islam, and then submit to Sharia.  Because American public schools have long been the epicenter of our local communities, they are being targeted by Islamic civilization jihad.

Until recently, immigrants who came to the shores of the United States were expected to assimilate and to follow the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution.  Assimilation now has been replaced by multiculturalism and hyphenated Americans.

Theodore Roosevelt summed it up well in 1916, “There is no place here for the hyphenated American, and the sooner he returns to the country of his allegiance, the better.”  

Japan does not allow Muslims to migrate to their country.  Switzerland no longer allows the building of any mosques and deports any Muslims who refuse to assimilate.  These nations also don’t have problems with terrorism. If Muslims will not follow the laws of our land, choosing instead to bully us to accept their barbaric culture, then they should not be allowed to remain in the United States.  

Continued caving to Sharia law marks a radical departure from our First Amendment protections and poses grave implications for public education and for the future of our nation.

Our government has the means to stop Islamization of America, but won’t. Neither Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nor House Speaker Paul Ryan will advance legislation to designate the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  Now it appears the U.S. State Department also is advising President Trump not to go after the Brotherhood.

It appears non-Muslim grassroots Americans will have to stop the Islamization.

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