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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Muslims Vow to Transform America With Islamic Ideals

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. February 26, 2020

Muslims intend to convert America to an Islamic nation living under Shari’ah. In a 1989 video clip (which has now been removed from YouTube) Islamic activist Sharifa Alkhateeb makes this quite clear to her audience at the "Muslim Americans Political Awareness Conference,"

“We do not want to melt into American society and disappear. We want to go into American society with Islamic ideals and revamp their thinking. We want to revamp them. We want to turn them into Muslim individuals.”

The pattern of Islam is to use government, the courts, schools and school boards, art museums, and other major institutions including outreach to churches to infiltrate, gradually introduce Shari’ah, and then finally takeover a nation.

Each year dozens of new non-profit organizations are created in the U.S. Some have been established to engage American Muslims politically to increase their power at all levels of government. One of these is JETPAC (Justice Education Technology Political Advocacy Center), founded in 2015 to educate and mobilize grassroots American Muslims. They have special youth programs and one-on-one training for political candidates. Their mission is clear: “We will take our place at the table across all levels of government.”

JETPAC reported the 2018 mid-term election was a banner year for American Muslims with 128 running for office and 50 winning with four at the federal level.

American Muslim Omar Qudrat was a Republican Congressional candidate for the 2018 election. Employing “taqiyyah” (deception to protect Islam), Qudrat claims that Islam is so compatible with American values and principles as to be seamless.

Now Qudrat is the leader of the Muslim Coalition For America (MCA), billed as a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition that provides leadership against bigotry and intolerance and for national security and “American values as enshrined in the United States Constitution.” 

Their mission statement indicates they want to end any criticism of Islam which is a violation of our First Amendment right of free speech. People in other nations don’t have freedom of speech and are being imprisoned – even murdered – for daring to speak out against Islam.

Muslims cannot promote the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution because our values are radically different from those of Islam. Further, Muslims are not permitted to follow any other laws except Shari’ah. By using this language in their mission statement, the coalition is using taqiyyah to cover their real purpose.

Islamization of a nation begins with small requests for religious accommodation. We see their not-so-subtle demands for religious accommodation in the political survey published by CAIR, a Hamas (terrorist) group, for American Muslim activists to use -- “Sample Questions for Political Candidates and Government Officials for 2020.”

Question #1 asks whether the candidate supports a “welcoming environment that fosters mutual respect for all religious beliefs, traditions, and heritages in the United States.”

This sounds very American except that Islam is not a religion as Americans view it. Islam is not a peaceful religion but a socio-political system that uses a deity (Allah) to advance its violent agenda of socio-religious, socio-economic, educational, judicial (Shari’ah), legislative, and military. These facts can’t be ignored:

  • Compliance to Shari’ah is mandatory – even praying at the correct times – and those who choose to ignore the law face stoning, beating, mutilation of body parts, and even beheading;

  • Muslims are killed if they leave Islam;

  • Non-Muslims must ultimately convert or submit to Shari’ah and pay non-muslim poll tax or be killed;

  • Shari’ah requires Jihad to be waged as "warfare against non-Muslims” until all the world is under Islamic law;

  • The vast majority of terroristic attacks are being carried out by Muslims;

We must also be wary of Muslims, especially political candidates or office holders, who claim that their Mosque does not have Shari’ah or that they don’t know anything about Shari’ah.

Question #3 asks the candidate to “agree that the U.S. Constitution and state laws are not threatened by citizens privately following their own religious codes, such as Jewish Halacha, Islamic Sharia, or Catholic Canon Law, as long as such religious codes comply with U.S. law.”

This question is designed to lull Americans in believing that other laws can co-exist with our Constitution. The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” and does not recognize Shari’ah. Because Islam does not permit any judicial system in a nation except that of Shari’ah, Muslims subversively work to overthrow all other legal systems and impose Shar’ah.

Qudrat claims that Islam and American principles and values are seamless, yet under Islamic law all of the following actions are legal, while under the U.S. Constitution they are illegal:

  • Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls;

  • Husbands may beat their wives;

  • A man may have up to four* wives;

  • Women are the sexual property of their husbands;

  • Women found guilty of lewdness may be sentenced to confinement until death.

  • Men found guilty of lewdness are to be punished and, if they repent, are forgiven and left alone.

*Marriage: A Muslim man living in America circumvents U.S. law by marrying one woman in the U.S. courts and up to three in the mosque under Shari'ah.

Prison Inmate Questions: There are numerous questions regarding a candidate’s support for Muslim inmates being given the “right” to make religious accommodation requests for halal meals, religious headwear, copies of the Quran and other religious texts and items, modified meal schedules during Ramadan fasting, daily congregational prayers, and Friday religious services.

This issue is significant because Islam is targeting prisoners for converts to Islam and jihad for the take down of America.

Public School Questions: There are two questions about expanding Sharia’ah into public schools. Muslims are demanding that students receive excused absences for their religious holidays and be served halal foods in school cafeterias. This is already being done in some schools, yet there are no accommodations for other religions.


Muslims are pushing Shari’ah into America through civilization jihad, a non-violent, subversive effort to destroy our Western civilization from within. Americans must stop the implementation of this violent, barbaric system by refusing to be suckered in by smooth lies under taqiyyah.

There is absolutely no way that a Shari’ah compliant Muslim can uphold the U.S. Constitution. By allowing them to hold American governmental positions, we can be guaranteed that one day this nation will be Islamic and we will experience the same problems as Europe that, in the name of political correctness, has accommodated Shari’ah.


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