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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Texas Republicans Support Biden With More Jihadi Training Camps

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. September 30, 2020

In his speech at the summit organized by Emgage, the Muslim American political action committee, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said, "I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith.” He blamed President Trump for “an unconscionable rise in Islamophobia.”

Meanwhile in Texas, a Republican-led State Board of Education has fulfilled Biden’s wish, using taxpayer funded schools. In a 9-5 vote the SBOE handed a victory to the Gulen School Movement by granting permission to open more Jihadi training camps – the Royal Public Charter Schools – for their undercover operations in the U.S. Seven of the board’s nine Republicans voted for the jihadi schools: Donna Bahorich, Barbara Cargill, Pat Hardy, Tom Maynard, Sue Melton-Malone, Ken Mercer, and Marty Rowley.

Harmony Schools superintendent, Dr. Soner Tarim, will be heading the new charters. The SBOE ignored testimony by MerryLynn Gerstenschlager that Tarim was closely connected with Fethullah Gulen in Turkey. Gulen, a Turkish Imam, founded the Hizmet Movement, a designated terrorist organization. He controls a vast international network of educational institutions that have been instrumental in advancing the Islamist political agenda in Turkey.

Gülen was charged with trying to create an Islamic state when he attempted to overthrow his own Turkish government and enforce Shari’ah. He fled to the United States to live in self-exile in rural Pennsylvania where he established Harmony Charter Schools to promote Islamic activities. American teachers are replaced with Turkish teachers who are poorly qualified and often don’t speak English. To achieve glowing academic reports, Gulen schools manipulate to whom tests are given and oust any students whose parents complain about the indoctrination. Students in Gulen schools – as well as other public schools – are forced to participate in school studies that promote Islam.

  • Learn the five pillars of Islam.

  • Recite Muslims prayers – “Allah is great” – “There is no god but Allah.”

  • Recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic – “One nation under Allah.”

  • High school English vocabulary worksheets promote the Islamic faith.

  • World history is taught from an Islamic perspective.

  • Students are told that Islam is a peaceful religion.

  • Students are told that Christians engage in cannibalism and incest.

  • Textbooks focus on Islam while denigrating Christianity and Judaism.

  • Muslim students are allowed to leave the classroom several times a day to pray while Christian students are punished for praying outside the building in front of the American flag prior to the school day.

Gulen has called for the destruction of the United States and all infidels. Yet his Jihadi schools are allowed in taxpayers funded schools where students are brainwashed about Shari’ah – Islamic law – and its replacing our Constitutional Republic. Students aren’t taught about the treatment of women or the persecution and savage murders of Christians.

John Guandolo, founder of Understanding the Threat, writes,

“In the midst of burning U.S. cities, riots, defunded police departments, and the growing communist insurrection led by communist organizations Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others, it is easy to forget that the more dangerous threat of Islam remains.”

“The communists are the hammer for the Islamic Movement.  They are the leading edge of the violence.  They are the brown shirts who, when the Caliphate is established in the near future in Turkey, will be replaced by jihadis in Europe – then later in America – as the armies of Mohammad roll in to seize power.”

Communists and Islamics have a common enemy -- America -- and a common goal -- destroy Western Christian Civilization.  In their dual leadership in Black Lives Matter, they are achieving their common goal.  By educating more students in the charter schools of terrorist Hizmet Movement leader, Fethullah Gulen, American taxpayers are training more little jihadists for Black Lives Matter.  

The Texas SBOE is ignoring the vast amount of intelligence about the Islamic agenda. These so-called “conservatives” and Republicans have promised to defend our heritage and traditions. By allowing the radical Gulen Movement to open still more Jihadi schools, they have deserted the battlefield.

By their cowardice, these Republicans are participating in the destruction of our inherited Western Civilization and historic Christian faith.



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