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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Maoism American Style Podcast

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Hello and welcome back to the Haynes Report podcast. I’m Carole Haynes. In this episode I’m discussing Maoism American Style. For the past several years we’ve watched as a cultural revolution sweeps across the nation.

People were shocked at events that took place in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. After hearing the latest stores from the news, do you say this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard? And people wonder what is happening and why and where it is all leading. Well, there's a decades-long sinister plot to gradually turn America into a full-blown communist nation yet few have been aware of this except for the changes they have seen in America -- gradually and then rapidly.

So I, along with others, have committed to informing other Americans about the plot behind this by publishing articles and producing podcasts and sharing conservative news to educate the public. Since about 2017, we’ve been talking about the Marxist Cultural Revolution that is gripping our nation. However, Maoism has not been discussed very much until now. 

So let’s begin by defining Maoism. It is officially called the “Mao Zedong Thought” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and is a variety of Marxism–Leninism. Marxism–Leninism was the first official ideology of the Chinese Communist Party, and is a combination of classical Marxism (the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) and Leninism (the thoughts of Vladimir Lenin). Mao developed this ideology to begin a socialist revolution in the agricultural, pre-industrial society of the Republic of China and later the People's Republic of China. 

It’s my hope that after you listen to this episode, you’ll better understand who Mao was and how his brutal tactics have been implemented in America. It’s critical that you recognize these tactics and their purpose so you can get engaged to stop them. 

“Never forget class struggle! This proclamation by Communist dictator Mao in 1962 became the frenzied chant that paved the way for the Chinese Cultural Revolution launched by Mao in 1966. His motives were to purge his political enemies and to become the Supreme Leader the entire country of China. The Cultural Revolution continued until his death in 1976 but its violent legacy has impacted Chinese politics and society for decades. 

Mao’s leadership position had been weakened by the failure of his “Great Leap Forward” and the economic crisis that followed. His communist policies caused the Great Famine and the death of millions. Hunger was so wide spread that people even resorted to cannibalism. To keep attention away from himself, Mao blamed the Famine on “class enemies.” Party officials tried to escape public scrutiny also by accusing others of being “Rightists,” “capitalist roaders,” or “revisionists,” and later “spies” and “traitors.”

Does this sound like Democrats who accuse Republicans of doing the very things they are actually doing to divert attention.

In 1966 Mao gathered a group of radicals and launched the Cultural Revolution. He shut down schools and called for students to mobilize and target party leaders who were not eager for revolution and who had bourgeois values – meaning they were conventional thinkers who believed in the ownership of private property. During the early phase of the Cultural Revolution a number of Communist leaders were removed from power, beaten and imprisoned.

Students formed the Red Guard and attacked and harrassed the elderly and intellectuals. They promoted class division, hatred, and envy. The Red Guards shouted slogans such as “Destruction before construction” as they raged through Chinese cities and cultural institutions to destroy what Mao ominously called “ghosts and monsters.” They had free rides on trains and free places to stay and freedom from arrest.

Does this sound like Antifa and BLM protesters?

With internal fights of the Red Guard movement for dominance, they created chaos and violence. By 1967 so many Chinese cities were on the brink of anarchy that Mao sent in army troops in to restore order. Red Guards were forced into rural areas and many were imprisoned or killed. These “useful idiots” had served their purpose and were now disposed of.

Useful idiots in America will be disposed of also when they are no longer need by the party.

With Mao’s revolution, chaos engulfed the country and the Chinese economy plummeted, with industrial production dropping below 1966 rates.

Mao urged people to get rid of the “Four Olds”: Old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas.

Social norms were changed, a unisex genderless society was promoted, girls dressed like boys and soldiers, and confusion and social chaos were created. Dating was even banned in schools. 

The Chinese Communist Party controlled the press and media and used them for daily propaganda, to silent all dissidents, and to ban books, songs, music, art and comedies that were not Mao approved. 

Maoism differs from orthodox or classical Marxism, which is economic – meaning that the ecoomic base of a social system determines its culture, language, and ideas. Marxism is an ideology by Karl Marx that is a social, political, and fiscal theory that focuses on struggles between capitalists and the working class. Class war is over once the state takes over the means of production – the factories, banks, businesses. However, Maoism bans private ownership of property and teaches that revolution must continue forever. This is the same message we hear from Critical Race Theory supporters who claim that racism will never end and whites are permanently guilty no matter how much they bow to Marxist demands.

Socialists in the West tended to focus on theory. They discussed Heglian dialectics, Marx’s criticism of Hegel and the Frankfurt’s School’s picking apart Marx. Here in America we have seminars and conferences and webinars about the theories of Marx or Herbert Marcuse.

But Maoism does not focus on theory. Intead it promotes action – violent action. Maoists found the “abstract dialectics” and “intellectualizing” of European Marxist thinkers boring as compared with revolution, tearing down statues, and canceling someone out.

Mao was a very shrewd strategist. Instead of using the Marxist terms of oppressor and oppressed, he used terms that the Chinese people understood at a moral level: “class enemy” and “the people.”

With identity politics, Mao create arbitrary classes of society to divide the people. The Oppressors were The Five “Black Classes” and the Oppressed were The Five “Red Classes.” 

The Maoist concept of class was defined by a state of mind, not by birth. You could be guilty by birth or by a relationship, or an association, or words or deeds. For that you could lose your job and even your life or be imprisoned. Even though you might be born in the Red Class or the oppressed, you could be the black oppressor if you have the wrong attitude. Family and neighbors were told to snitch on each other and children were told their parents were not as important as Mao. Children were urged to change their last names if their parents were the Oppressor Black Class.

From the beginning almost, Maoism has been especially focused on thought control or brainwashing.

Maoist struggle sessions forced people to denounce, conform, make false confessions, outright lie, and accept the party’s lies. They were forced to write self-criticism essays and participate in often violent “struggle sessions’ meant to root out any thoughts critical of the Communist party. The communists cadres were constantly “re-educated.

Mao’s communist regime of divide and conquer produced the deadliest episode in modern history surpassing even modern day dictators such as Stalin who killed military troops while Mao had citizens kill each other. Between 40-80 million died from starvation, persecution, prison labor, and mass executions. Many were tortured to death, commonly after forced confessions to fake crimes. Children, even infants, were sometimes brutally murdered. Victims were sometimes cannibalized in frenzied bloodlust. Students sometimes beat their teachers to death.

America has reinvented Maoism. Mao’s tactics, rhetoric, and symbols have been adopted in BLM protests and riots, “anti-racist” self-education doctrine, and the promotion of “critical race theory” in schools, corporations, the government, and even the military. Cancel culture is widespread and people are forced to literally bow to leftist demands.

The American version of the Maoist “struggle session” is “woke” self-criticism. The “unconscious bias training” is simply brainwashing or thought control.

Another aspect of Maoism that has negatively impacted America is the emphasis on the revolutionary linchpin of “rage.” This is different from the “critical theory” of German Marxists who wanted rational discourse to create the conditions for transformation. With rage there is no debate of ideas, no use of logic, no persuasion. Rage is a far more powerful aspect than the general left’s critical thinking and dialectical exchange.

Maoists are permanently offended. They are constantly searching for new victims and new oppressors so the new ideology can sustain itself. They do this through DEI (Diversity Eequity Inclusion) offices in education, governments, corporations, and the media. The Left penalizes, marginalizes, and humiliates “oppressors” and grant privilege to the Left’s list of “oppressed” who are seen as permanent victims.

Merit, progress, and opportunity are old-fashioned,racist, and offensive. We no longer talk about “Americanism” or equality under God and the law. America has become a nation of self-loathing. Those of us who are conservative, religious, and support our founding principles and a limited government are the oppressors.

The Maoist cancel culture is rapidly erasing our historical memory of what America was – its founding principles, religion, culture, people, history, heritage, traditions, holidays. The Maoist goal is to leave nothing for us to remember the America we once knew. That’s why old people are being targeted. They remember. But today’s youth have been indoctrinated with Communism and are not taught the facts about our history. All they know is the “new culture” without Western Christian traditions and values. They know only the words and thoughts that are politically correct.

Let’s look at a few of the millions of examples of Maoism in America.

We have bans on books, songs, music, art and comedies that are not politically correct. The Western classical arts, which are closely associated with Christianity, are under attack as I have discussed at length in another podcast episode. The movie “Gone with the Wind,” the song “Dixie”, and the novels To Kill a Mockingbird and Huckleberry Finn have been banned. A picture of Jesus was covered at the Catholic Notre Dame University when Obama spoke there. The new approved art is a “Crucifix in Urine.” 

Students and adults are being subjected to public shaming, denouncing, and self-criticism on a wide basis, including by public K-12 schools, universities, corporations, and government agencies. All whites are deemed “white supremacists” and racists. People who are critical of the Maoist ideology or have the wrong attitude are subjected to re-education.

Students are attacking teachers. In 2019 the National Education Association teachers union reported that students as young as five are biting, kicking, punching, throwing items, urinating on teachers, and lashing out in other destructive ways. Federal data shows that the percentage of teachers attacked by students has gone from 6% to 10% over the past 10 years. 

Statues and memorials have been toppled and even thrown into the river. Not only Southern memorials but those of Chrisopher Columbus and Founding Fathers. 

Names of schools, streets, and buildings have been changed – often to those of Leftists. Taxpayer money is being used by the Pentagon to remove all Southern Confederate heritage because it supposedly represents slavery and racism. The Naming Commission has given the Pentagon a list of monuments they want removed and military bases and ships they want to be renamed. Much of this has already occurred. Now they are after Arlington Cemetery Confederate Monument that is a memorial to those buried there and the reunification of the North and South after the Civil War. I did a podcast o this recently and have written several articles about it. You can find these at my website.

Christian holidays are now being taken away from employees. Emory Healthcare is adding Juneteenth (June 19) to the holiday calendar and removing Christmas Eve.

The old idea that marriage is between a biological male and female is out. Men can give birth to babies and the term “birthing person” has replaced “pregnant woman.” Department of Veterans Affairs teaches its so-called health care providers to encourage abortions, instructs that men can get pregnant, and recommends against congratulating a pregnant woman. Instead of “pregnant woman,” the approved term is “person who is pregnant.” Instead of “baby” or “unborn child,” medical providers are supposed to say “fetus” or “embryo.” “Mother” is replaced by “person.”

Transgenderism is the rage of the day. It’s become a cool thing with corporations supporting it to their detriment like Bud Light and Target. Boys are dressing like clownish girls and girls are dressing like boys. Boys wearing skirts and nail polish can go into girls restrooms and dressing rooms – legally.

Real estate brokers are told to use the term “primary bedroom” instead of “master bedroom.”

Churches and synogogues are being burned and Christians and Jews are targeted. Communist ideology and it supporters are the new God – the new religion.

Antifa and BLM protestors have rioted and looted and burned down small businesses while the police are told to stand down. Instead of Maoist radicals being arrested, those who dare to criticize are targeted by the FBI and DOJ. With the January 6th FBI staged event in Washington D.C., some innocent people have been imprisoned for years without due process or a jury trial.

In Dallas County, Texas thieves can walk into stores and pick up $750 of merchandise and walk out without being arrested. If store employees try to stop or shoot the vandals, they are guilty and can go to jail. These thieves can go to numerous stores and can return to a store everyday to steal more items.

Schools use Social Emotional Learning to interject Critical Race Theory and radical sex education in lessons to create destablized, America-hating youth and train them to become Marxist activists.

Confusion and chaos are sweeping the nation. People daily are psychologically bombarded by events and the mainstream so that mental illness has become a crisis.

Wokesters call conservatives “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” or “transphobes,” and a “basket of deplorables.”

Identity politics exist to divide people. Marxist critical theorists have weaponized terms such as “whites” against “people of color” which taps into the guilt that Marxists have fostered over the history of race. The Maoist concept of class was a state of mind, not birth. In America, race is supposedly the defining factor of all American culture and society - whites oppressing blacks. Yet black can be white. With Maoist Wokeism, black conservatives such as Candace Owens and Larry Elder are called “white supremacists” because of their political opinions rather than their skin color.

Los Angeles has a tip line – CA vs. Hate – that encourages citizens to snitch on friends, neighbors, families, reporting them to the government for non-criminal ‘hate incidents.’ The service is funded by Kaiser Permanent, Blue Shield of California, and other nonprofits and corporate organizations. It get federal funding from the American Rescue Plan and local governments. Nowhere on the website is information about what constitutes ‘hate.’ We find snitch lines in numerous other areas and always they are touted as protecting people. Actually the Left is creating a citizen’s police so they will do the biding of the Left.

Our media is controlled by the Left and pushes out daily propaganda and targets dissidents.

Well, these are just a few of the millions of examples of how Maoism has totally engulfed our nation, our daily lives, our churches, schools, governments, corporations, medical industry, drug industry, law, courts, the arts, entertainment -- no institution has escaped Maoism. I hope that you now have a better understanding of what is happening around you and why. I urge you to take a stand and refuse to allow the Left to dictate what you can say or think. They can win only if we go along with their radical agenda. This reminds of the movie about the bombing of Pearl Harbor where the Japanese general said, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.” Many Americans are waking up. They see that our lawmakers are doing nothing to stop this impeding disaster and they are pushing back. As I’ve said many time, state bans will do nothing in the end. The solution will come from the grassroots.

There is another important topic that I didn’t cover today because it needs an episode devoted entirely to the topic -- and that is education. Mao dramatically changed education in China and we are seeing that influence in our own schools. Watch for an upcoming podcast episode in which I’ll discuss Maoism in American schools.

Well, this wraps up this episode. Thank you for joining me. I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share or a topic you would for me to discuss in another episode, please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also please check out my website: www.drcarolehhaynes.com for other podcasts and commentaries and please subscribe to my YouTube, Rumble, and podcast channels.

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