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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Why the Enemies of Western Civilization Hated Queen Elizabeth 

By Carole Hornsby Haynes September 22, 2022   Published by American Thinker

I began watching the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II at 4:00 a.m. It was an event filled with emotion and so many traditions from Western Civilization over the centuries. It was also a poignant reminder that, with the death of the queen, we have lost one of our last connections to that great civilization that gave us law, order, general liberty, culture, and our Christian heritage.

During the 10-day mourning period, tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets; yet, there was only respectful silence and enthusiastic cheering for the queen. When a rabble rouser tried to disrupt, he was told to “shut up.”

This is in stark contrast to our own nation where radical leftists are allowed to intimidate, punish, and even murder other Americans. It’s conservatives who are told to “shut up.” Michael Harris, “cultural critic,” wrote that the “’woke’ attack on the deceased queen is actually a good thing” because it furthers Critical Race Theory and reminds us that America had slaves. He failed to note the legacy of the British lies in the fact that, everywhere they ruled, slavery was eventually abolished -- including America -- literacy rates improved, railroads were built, and elites were educated at universities.

The funeral service was held at the 11th century Gothic cathedral -- Westminster Abbey -- followed by the committal service in St. George’s Chapel in the 1000-year-old Gothic/Victorian/Georgian Windsor Castle. As the service drew to a close, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth was lowered into the Royal Vault where, in a private burial, she will be laid to rest in the King George VI Memorial Chapel with her belated husband Prince Philip, her parents, and her sister Margaret.

Those magnificent structures, the classical music, and the somber pipe organ strains were evidence of the incredible culture that Christendom has given the world in music, art and architecture. The left wants to cancel that culture and its visual reminders of the Christian faith. The woke, including religious leaders, have virtually destroyed the great icon in France, Notre-Dame Cathedral. What other great Western cathedral will be next?

Although the mourners were black-clad, the scene was like a fairy tale with brilliant colors everywhere. Old soldiers proudly wore their gleaming military medals and army veterans – Chelsea Pensioners – wore their traditional scarlet tunics. Knights of the Garter had bright blue velvet capes. Soldiers had gleaming plumed helmets and trumpeters blew their long silver instruments adorned with banners. Civilians proudly sported their colorful ribbons indicating civilian honors bestowed upon them by their queen. The intense pride that the British feel for their country was evident everywhere.

This, too, was in stark contrast to America. We have had more personal freedoms and more wealth than any other nation on earth, but we have no reason to be proud of our nation, according to Michelle Obama.

The power of the British throne and the sway that Queen Elizabeth held over people were evident over the past 10 days. The line to file past her coffin grew to 10 miles as people stood in line for 24 hours to have one minute to say goodbye to their queen. Around the world, flags flew at half mast in her honor.

The funeral service at Westminster Abbey, one of the largest in history, was attended by more than 500 foreign heads of state, monarchs and dignitaries from 175 countries. More than 4 billion around the world watched the event on live TV.

The left hated Queen Elizabeth because she represented a lifetime of undying loyalty and service to her country, dignity, grace, kindness, honor, traditional family structure, and a deep, abiding Christian faith. She represented an era when men fought and died to preserve our Western Civilization and religion. Male masculinity and female femininity were cherished and protected.

Many British saw the queen as their loving grandmother who gave them comfort. During the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, reminded the congregation of the queen’s speech during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when frightened Britons were forced to remain in their homes, isolated from friends and family and wondering what the future held. Echoing the words of a World War II era song by Vera Lynn, Queen Elizabeth assured the nation, “We will meet again.”

One of the most frequent comments by mourners, who were interviewed by TV reporters, was that Queen Elizabeth represented stability in the face of turmoil and great change.

America once had leaders who represented stability and possessed the qualities of Queen Elizabeth. The Black Robed Regiment inspired and educated their colonial congregations about personal freedoms and political engagement during their lengthy Sunday sermons. General George Washington, our first president, knelt to pray in the snow before a battle. Other presidents publicly praised God. Congress routinely prayed in the U.S. Capitol. More than two centuries later, we have a senile, self-serving, corrupt, socialist president who actively seeks to divide the nation instead of bringing stability.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles with a free market education and economy that produced the most literate and wealthy nation ever on the earth. That has changed with our shift to Marxism and away from Christianity.

Our new American religion is social justice. In Christianity and Social Justice: Religions in Conflict States, Jon Harris explains that social justice has its own doctrines of God, man, sin, and salvation, as well as its own priestly class, liturgical rituals, and canon of texts. All are at odd with the historic Christian faith.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, Britain faces a swiftly unraveling Commonwealth with scandals within the royal family and an uncertain future with the unpopular King Charles III who is a proponent of climate change and the New World Order.

As Britain turns inward to mourn its great loss, America battles internal divisiveness. The question is whether the sun is setting on these once glorious nations.

In America, if we’re to regain stability and become the great nation we once were, we must seriously work to turn our ship of state around. As Harris wrote, “...it is up to evangelicals, and Americans in general, to decide which path to follow.”


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