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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

The Gates Foundation: An Empire of Common Core Fraud

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. May 15, 2020

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s meddling in the health and education of nations has left wide swaths of carnage. The extent to which Gates has harmed the academic achievement of children is evident in the historic decline of U.S. math and reading scores since the adoption of Common Core.

Common Core was touted as the solution for improving the international competitiveness of United States students. Not only has our international standing not improved, but the U.S. has “gone from being the world’s best educated workforce to the least well educated in the industrial world: an existential crisis." (SEE HERE, HERE)

A new study by Pioneer Institute reports that, after the U.S. Department of Education was created in 1979, there have been “shocking trends in American student performance.” Since the adoption of Common Core, performance in reading and math has declined, especially among the lowest achieving students, many of whom are from low income families and failing public schools. Common Core was promoted as the solution for closing the achievement gap and creating equality, yet it has done just the opposite.

Gates’ destruction to American education and economy

Microsoft’s business model is to roll out products before they are actually ready for the market place. Paying customers -- Microsoft’s guinea pigs – provide corporate income while the problems are resolved with ongoing patches. Even so, their software platform continues to be unstable with frequent crashes.

This same business tactic has been used by Bill Gates in his foray into health and education.

Gates believed that education could be improved if managed like a business. Using only limited data, Gates was convinced that smaller schools were the solution. From 2000-2008 the Gates Foundation funded the breakup of large public high schools with low test scores and graduation rates into smaller units of nearly 2,700 schools.

Result? Disruption; mass exodus of teachers and students; and plummeting attendance, test scores, and graduation rates. Gates was impervious to the devastation that his interference caused. Surely with more experimentation using student guinea pigs, he would find the right formula. This is the same pattern that we find in his vaccine experimentation in third world countries. We are seeing this same pattern with the COVID-19 vaccine research and development being funded by the Gates Foundation and being pushed for a quick roll out.

Since 2009, the Gates Foundation has been the primary source of private funding for Common Core which was billed as the solution to decades of slow growth in student scores, even after the launch of state curriculum standards in the 1990s.

Common Core standards were an attempt to nationalize curriculum standards in violation of out Constitution. Yet they were so flawed that the math and English experts on the Validation Committee refused to sign off on the final draft.

Why then did Gates fund such a flawed product? (SEE HERE) It seems that where there are billions to be made, Gates is willing to sacrifice humans. Gates has used poor people in developing nations to further his radical worldview agenda and, in the process, has made billions. (SEE HERE, HERE) He has similarly used U.S. students as guinea pigs for his education agenda that includes Common Core and, in the process, has made billions.

One highly lucrative component of Common Core is tests. The heavy emphasis on standardized testing was created by the unconstitutional No Child Left Behind. The Gates Foundation partnered with Pearson to create online curriculum for Common Core because curriculum drives the volume of testing. Pearson is a giant international company that publishes textbooks and designs and publishes standardized tests for states.

Data mining is another lucrative component of Common Core. (SEE HERE) Not only is students’ academic progress tracked, but also their behavior, emotional responses, facial expressions, pulse, and the rate of blood flow in response to a certain stimulus.

This is done with the use of classroom cameras to judge facial expressions, an electronic seat judges posture, a pressure-sensitive computer mouse and a biometric wrap on kids’ wrists – funded, of course, by the Gates Foundation.

Although the federal government was prohibited from gathering student specific data for a national database, the 2009 Stimulus Bill gave money to each state to develop longitudinal data systems to catalog data generated by Common Core aligned tests.  State compliance was guaranteed when the Obama administration used data system development as the key criterion for receiving additional K-12 funds through the “Race to the Top” program.

The SDLS data, which includes hundreds of highly personal data points, is shared with educational technology companies for “research”. One such company is InBloom Incorporated, funded by the Gates foundation. The data is also shared across government agencies, thanks to the FEPA bill that created a national de facto database.

MYTH: This unconstitutional data mining helps educators and researchers predict students’ future performance and guide them toward career choices.

FACT: The information is being used to channel students into career paths. In the future, that career will be one totally decided by the government without any personal student choice.The information is shared with third parties without parents’ consent. Education technology companies are using the information to develop software and other educational products for sale to students, teachers, and administrators.

The Common Core curriculum is one of indoctrination in left wing ideology. It standardizes learning behavior to train students to be subservient “global citizens” in a New World Order. This goes back to John Dewey and his admiration of the Soviet model of education which trains students for a job rather than teaching them how to think.

Despite U.S. Education Chief Betsy DeVos declaring that Common Core is dead, it is alive and well, codified in the unconstitutional Every Students Succeeds Act. The new name? Social and Emotional Learning.

Despite our unalienable rights enshrined in the Constitution, Bill Gates has used his vast ill-gotten wealth to control public policy although he is accountable to no one. Few will speak the truth about his failed programs or intrusion on a global scale into the governments and lives of so many.

Allowing private foundations to set our public policy and to control American education is dangerous to our Republic. The harm inflicted upon our nation and our people by Bill Gates is vast.

Students are harmed by being educated for a collectivist society rather than being taught how to be independent thinkers with an academic foundation.Our national economy is being harmed because, by having the lowest level of basic skills of any nation in the industrial world, our millennial workers can’t compete in the global market. Our national sovereignty is place in jeopardy as students are indoctrinated for a New World Order.

The Gates Foundation must be investigated and widely exposed, just as the Clinton Foundation was. As for our children, the very best solution is to get them out of public schools and home school them using classical content without a liberal’s humanist worldview.

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