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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Blame Federal Government for Rise of Teen Jihadists

By Carole Hornsby Haynes   December 8, 2023   World Net Daily

Conversion to Islam is sweeping the nation among young woke leftists who are being courted for jihad -- holy war. Judging from the level of hatred and radical behavior of youth at pro-Hamas events, we can expect a repeat of the widespread violence in 2020 by BLM members, but this time it will be young Islamic jihadists bombing and terrorizing Americans in the name of Allah. 

A 16-year-old jihadist was arrested recently by the Las Vegas police and FBI who had seen his social media announcement that he intended to conduct “lone wolf operations in Las Vegas against the enemies of Allah.” Police found components and instructions for making an explosive device, ISIS and Al-Qaida propaganda, radicalization materials, and guidance for conducting a terrorist attack against Americans.  

Where did this teenager learn about Islam and why did he believe he had to commit violence for Allah? What mosque did he attend? How many more are there like him? 

Not only are young males converting to Islam but young females who chronicle their conversion on TikTok and accuse Israel of genocide. 

The blame is placed directly at the federal level for the indoctrination of Islam in public schools and the rise of young jihadists. 

The door was opened for Islam to infiltrate K-12 in 1995 when President Bill Clinton directed the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) to announce that public schools could not provide religious instruction but could teach about religion. Furthermore, students would not be excused from lessons that “may be inconsistent with their religious beliefs or practices.” 

In 2005 under President George W. Bush, who described Islam as a religion of peace, Access Islam was created to teach students about the traditions, culture, and holidays of Islam. Under the guise of learning Islamic cuture, students chant “Praise be to Allah,” recite Islamic prayers, memorize verses of the Quran, learn the Five Pillars of Islam, visit a mosque, wear a necklace with the emblem of the Muslim star and moon crescent, wear a burqa, wear a robe, and kneel on a rug to pray while facing in the direction of Mecca. They learn the Arabic language so they can read the Quran in the original language. Why are American schools not teaching Hebrew so that Jewish students can read the Holy Bible in Hebrew? 

Under Muslim President Obama, the curriculum was expanded to include 10 lessons on “Five Pillars of Islam;” “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life;” “Ramadan Observance;” “Quran: Sacred Scripture of Islam;” “The Haji: Journey to Mecca;” “Islam in America;” and “Women in Islam. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the lessons for grades five through twelve are available on various websites including PBS Learning Media. 

The U.S. Department of Education does not provide similar lessons for Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or any other major world religion. Only Islam. 

The Arab countries’ mission to create young jihadists to convert America from a Christian nation into an Islamic state governed under the ruthless Shariah law has been highly successful. Among those who have converted to Islam, a majority are from a Christian background. In fact, more than half of all converts to Islam (53%) identified as Protestant before converting; another 20% were Catholic.  

Anti-Israel, anti-Christian, pro-Palestinian textbook lessons, funded by Arab petro-dollars, falsely claim that Israel is responsible for terrorist attacks by Palestinians who are “angered over the loss of their territory” to Israel. This is viewed as justification to wipe Israelis and all Jews off the face of the earth. Never are students told that the real purpose for these attacks is not to eradicate Jews, but to bring the entire world under the authority of Allah as Islam demands, including the United States. 

These biased textbooks falsely claim that Arab warriors rarely impose their religion by force while Christian monks “by contrast” converted peoples of Central and Eastern Europe. The fact is that historians estimate killings by Muslims to be more than 270 million people over the past 1400 years in their reign of terror of conquests, plunder, and enslavement. Only positive lessons about the multiculturalism and broad-mindedness of Muslims are taught with textbooks whitewashing the beheadings, slaughter of Christians and Jews, crucifixions, enslavement, stonings, hangings, throwing gays over balconies to their death, honor killings, female genital mutilation, dismembering body parts, disemboweling, rape, terror, kidnapping, destroying synogogues and churches, detonating bombs strapped to babies’ heads, and locking people in cages for days and then drowning them.  Nowhere is it mentioned about the plight of women living under Shariah.  

Students, glued to social media to check out the latest news on Israel and Gaza, are asking to discuss it in class. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the truth about the atrocities under Islam and its goal of world domination. Since public schools can teach about religion, how about including the unrevised history of Israel that began during the Late Bronze Age inCanaan in the territory of the southern Levant, which today encompasses Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and the southern portions of Syria and Lebanon. By contrast, Islam began in the 7th century A.D. in modern day Saudi Arabia and Palestine is not a nation but a region without a separate language, culture, or currency. 

Although Islam indoctrination has been in public schools for more than three decades, why now are we seeing such a large number of radicalized youth who support the Hamas terrorists and applaud the atrocities of October 7th? Years of Marxist Critical Race Theory, radical sex curriculum, and Diversity Equity Inclusion have produced a generation of students who are mentally destabilized and utterly confused about who they are, their gender, and their values. Leftist teachers infuse lessons on student activism. 

If we are to stop our nation imploding into total anarchy and totalitarianism, we must immediately change how we educate our children. It’s time to yank them out of godless, pro-Islam, anti-American government schools for free-market learning options, particularly home schools or parent controlled micro-schools. 

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