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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Why Millennials Hate America and How We Can Change It

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.  July 25, 2018 

Public furor over the new Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) textbook is gaining hurricane force as deplorables see firsthand exactly why millennials prefer socialism and think America is an evil empire.  

By the People is written by James Fraser, a socialist professor of history and education at New York University.  Fraser paints Trump as belonging in a mental institution and the Black Lives Matter movement as the downtrodden just protecting themselves from police. Leftist movements are glorified and conservatives are demonized as angry, vicious racists.

How could impressionable high school kids who read Fraser’s APUSH textbook not become America hating socialists? 

Fraser’s hero is the Brazilian Marxist Paul Freire who in 1970 wrote Pedagogy for the Oppressed.  Freire viewed teaching as a splendid opportunity to promote social justice issues and inspire youth to rise up and overthrow capitalist hegemony. 

American Education Colleges have a lovefest with Freire’s book and recommend it to their students. So if teacher training schools are teaching Marxist driven pedagogy to future teachers, why do we expect K-12 students to be taught the real facts about their Judeo-Christian heritage and why they should stand when the national anthem is sung? 

Marxists have infiltrated the universities because they understand the key vehicle for transmitting our American culture is students.  He who controls the minds and thoughts of students controls the future of a nation. 

Marxist professors have pushed their radical left ideas and values onto multiple generations, including converting those who have grown up in religious and conservatives homes.  Now they are pushing their ideology down into K-12 schools. 

Where do you think the crazies in the Parkland high school learned their hatred? 

Who teaches the teachers? Who writes the student textbooks and the questions for federally required tests?  Who decides what teachers must learn before they will be allowed to teach in a public school? 

Leftist professors and their disciples, of course. 

We elect conservative leaders who promise us that change in education will come through policy. Well, has it? 

Despite billions of taxpayer dollars thrown into public education, millions of students can’t read and do simple math. They attend schools that are physically unsafe with mentally unhealthy environments. 

Our politicians can use their political power to end the credentialing and funding of these left wing education monopolies.  Why don’t they? 

Why should taxpayers be forced to fund institutions that teach students how to overthrow our nation? 

Our corrupt education system is controlled by leftwing teacher unions and is in cozy partnerships with leftwing national textbook companies. 

An Episcopal priest once told me it is easier to start a new congregation than to change an existing church.  It is easier and cheaper to build a new house than to repair a rat-infested, ramshackle dwelling.

Trying to clean up this corrupt, discredited Marxist education stronghold is a waste of our time and money. 

The “ruling class,” with major corporations as their enforcers, has taken over every one of our major institutions. They have convinced themselves that the deplorables are a lower class than they.  If we are to preserve and guard those principles and institutions we hold dear, then we must walk away and leave the ruling chiefs to their broken down system and culture. 

Let’s take elementary and secondary education into our own hands and develop our own strategies.  When we take back control, American children will again be taught patriotism, the real facts about our Judeo-Christian heritage, and why American is an exceptional nation. 

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