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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

American Education:  Center for Marxist Ideology

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. October 28, 2018

Progressive education reformers have turned quietly away from the failed Common Core Standards and are embracing white privilege and racism as their latest scheme. American education has become a radical left institution of identity politics that pits American against each other.

American Enterprise Institute education policy experts, Frederick Hess and Grant Addison, wrote in National Review:

Frustrated by the disappointments of ambitious reforms such as No Child Left Behind and the Common Core, progressive school reformers have switched horses and decided that America’s real educational challenge is its deep-dyed racism and inveterate culture of white supremacy. This tack conveniently allows them to embrace the charms of the Resistance while quietly walking away from the failures and unpopular legacy of Bush- and Obama-style school reform.

At the 2018 Standards Institute meeting, UnboundedEd CEO Kate Gerson told attending teachers: “If you are under the impression that there are good white people and bad white people, you’re wrong.” She warned that people cannot be cured from racial biases. This attitude about racial bias and prejudice is the foundation of UnboundEd’s reading and math instruction for teachers.

UnboundedEd is an offshoot of EngageNY, an online library of curricula aligned with the Common Core standards that was hosted by the New York State Education Department. The department was on the firing line in 2014 over its Common Core Student Services page that referred students to a graphic sex quiz.

New York Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza calls anti-bias training the “cornerstone” of school improvement.

The University of Pennsylvania hosts an annual three-week summer “social justice research academy” for high-schoolers about the struggles to overcome inequality and injustice including LGBT, Arab Spring, Occupy, Ferguson, environmentalism, education reform, affordable housing, elder rights, disability rights, and immigration.

Drexel University was recently awarded $1 million by the National Science Foundation to recruit undergraduates to teach high-school math and science using a social justice agenda.

The iconic Kipp Charter schools has also joined the Progressive left on social justice. At its annual summit in 2016, CEO Richard Barth identified the values that KIPP shares with Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter believes in restorative justice. We at KIPP believe in restorative justice. Black Lives Matter believes in the power and importance of identity. Of personal identity and the celebration of it. We believe in the power and importance of identity.

Even Teach for America has made a hard left shift. In Commentary, Sohrab Ahmari writes that the once celebrated education reform organization of a national corps of recent graduates, who commit two years to teaching in underserved classrooms across the country, has now “transformed itself into an arm of the progressive movement” and “functions as a platform for radical identity politics.”

Early critics of Common Core feared the math and reading standards would be a platform for sweeping leftwing Marxist ideology. Their fears have been validated. Public education is now a center for creating godless Marxists who are intent on taking down America.

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