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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

The Marxist Roots of DEI and Implications for America


By Carole Hornsby Haynes May 24, 2023 

What Is DEI? 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a Marxist based ideology that is close kin with Marxist Critical Race Theory. DEI has become a billion dollar industry that is designed to divide, intimidate, disrupt, and destroy. Repackaged socialism, DEI is part of the Cultural

Marxist Revolution that has been flying under the radar for decades in academia, the courts, state governments, secondary education, entertainment, corporations, and the federal government – the “long march through the institutions.” Institutions are being transformed into activist arms for a communist takeover. There will be no Bill of Rights or a Constitutional Republic. There will be no private ownership of property. 

DEI is designed to decrease independent thinking, deny equality to anyone who tries to block the socialist takeover, and exclude anyone who doesn’t go along with the communist party line. Racial hatred is fostered to divide and conquer. White supremacy will supposedly be ended by their destroying meritocracy, equal rights, freedoms, and the rule of law. Those “underrepresenteated minorities” who help the leaders take control of the United States are being told they will be rewarded. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion don’t mean what the public is told. Let’s take a look at each of these three words to understand what they mean. Equity is the goal of all DEI programs, so let’s begin there. 

Equity is defined for the unsuspecting public as being equal. This is pure socialist propaganda. Marxists believe that, to achieve equity, some people must be treated unequally – whites, Christians, males, heterosexuals. Equity, as found in the classroom, calls for treating students differently according to their sexualities, races, genders, and ethnicities. White students are shamed in front of other students for being white and “racist” – even second graders. Whites are being segregated and not allowed to participate in various events such as school graduations. Transgenders are given special recognition. 

What equity really means is equality of outcome with repararations. This is a fancy term for sharing the wealth. The plan is for the state to manage and control the people -- a return to serfdom and the seizing of your wealth and small businesses and homes and cars. Now don’t assume this means reparations for their so-called victims such as blacks and transgenders. These people are merely the “useful idiots.” The wealth will go to those in control. I talked about how this happened in China, Cuba, and Venezuela in my podcast – “After Gun Confiscation Comes America’s Killing Fields” that you can find on Apple, Google, Spotify, Rumble, and YouTube. 

In a nutshell: Equity means unequal treatment to get “equal outcome” which is an impossiblity without taking from some to give to others. 

Equal outcome for certain groups always results in the dismantling of a country’s foundations and the wealth being shifted from the people to the leaders who become incredibly rich. 

Example: The Black Lives Matter organization bilked huge corporations for hundreds of millions of dollars supposedly to help blacks who supposedly were victims of a racist America. These corporate donors were publicly traded companies with shares held by investors. The donations affected the profitability of those public companies and the value of investor shares. 

Well, too late the corporations discovered they were played for fools – “useful idiots.” Instead of using the money to help blacks, the BLM founders, all of whom said they were trained Marxists, bought themselves multi-million dollar homes and lifestyles. 

Diversity is defined as “all aspects of human differences, social identities, and social groups differences.” 

What they really mean is an identity-based approach to society – Identity Politics – such as transgenders. Only those who advocate for Social Justice can be included in this esteemed diverse group. 

Diversity is a violation of individual identity with politically determined quotas and attacks on merit. These are are a form of soft bigotry. We see this in affirmative action which will deny a job or college slot to a highly qualified person in favor of skin color. Race over merit. 

Inclusion is defined as everyone feeling respected, having a sense of belonging, and being able to participate and achieve one’s full potential. 

That really means that free speech will be ended and purges will be justified. Socialists use the complaint of even one person as a reason to ban anything and everything. You recall that just a few complained that they had experienced great emotional distress by the bronze statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Park in Dallas, Texas. That was justification for yanking down a historical artifact that had been there since the 1930s and relegating it to obscurity on a private golf course in South Texas. 

Communists understand that most people don’t like confrontation or being singled out. They will kiss boots and apologize for causing distress. This is exactly what our enemy wants. They then have an excuse to shut down free speech and segregate the offender. They have labeled this as “neo-segregation” – a fancy term for segregation of whites. 

What Are the Consequences of DEI? 


One purpose of DEI is to end the rule of law and substitute a living constitution which is based on the will of people instead of law. Political activists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter stir up chaos and violence without any fear of punishment. Those who defend themselves or others go to jail. 

Example: Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old white Marine veteran tried to protect Manhattan subway passengers from Jordan Neely, who tried to push women, children, and the elderly onto the tracks. A deranged black man with an outstanding warrant and more than 40 arrests.  Neely assaulted and seriously injured a 67-year-old woman. He spent over a year awaiting trial, then pleaded guilty and was ordered to spend 15 months in a treatment facility, but left after 13 days.  Like Derek Chauvin, the white policeman who tried to subdue George Floyd, the black drug-addled career criminal, in order to take him into custody, Penny likely will go to jail for years. The media has ignored the longer video that showed two non-white men assisted Penny and, after Neely had been subdued, they placed him in the recovery position. 

This government action that encourages and protects criminals strikes a chilling fear among the people. 


Another purpose of DEI is to end meritocracy. Smart students are marginalized. Some schools and colleges have thrown out grades because they are seen as racist and discriminatory. Everyone passes. Socialists want dumbed down people who can’t think independently, can’t do math, and look to the government to support them. Only the leaders will be well educated. 

Example: In Virginia, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the highest ranked public school in America, has a student body that is about 72% Asian-American, 18% white, 3% Hispanic and 1% black in a county that is only 20% Asian-Americans. The admissions policy has been changed: no standard testing requirements, lower GPA requirments, and information about whether the applicants are English language learners and are eligible for free or reducedd price school lunches.

Higher Education 

Another purpose of DEI is to destroy free speech

Example: MIT canceled the lecture scheduled for October 2021 by Dr. Dorian Abbot, a geophysicist at the University of Chicago. His lecture was non-political – the “climates of exrasolar planets” but the student activists didn’t like his political views. He had criticized diversity, equity and inclusion and objected to affirmative action of race over merit. So the rabid student activists forced the MIT administration to cancel the lecture. 

Example: Speakers at Turning USA campus events have been canceled or required police protection from angry mobs who don’t like conservatives speakers. 

Universities Push DEI into K-12 

Example: Pennsylvania school districts are paying thousands in membership dues to the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education to teach administrators how to identify microaggressions and stand up for others when one is spotted. Superintendents are taught to assess their compliance and that of others with anti-racist practice. This will of course, earn social score credits. 

Example: Already more than a third of the large school districs in the U.S. have DEI deparments. Here in Texas, Dallas, Austin, and Houston school districts have DEI departments. KIPP, the largest charter chain in the U.S., which also has schools in Texas, is deeply steeped in DEI, as well as Common Core and Critical Race Theory. 


Heather MacDonald, in her latest book Merit Trumps Race, reported that black and Hispanic students disproportionately get low scores which impedes their ability to get the residency assignments of their choice. 

So Step One of the United States Medical Licensing Exam, which tests students’ knowledge of basic physiological processes and influences which residences they get, has been changed to a pass-fail grading system. Now anyone can be selected for the prime residences regardless of merit. This is going to impact the quality of doctors we will have in the near future. 

The focus has also changed so that research is in racism instead of research in basic science. The National Institutes of Health have shifted federal funding from research in basic science to research on health disparities and racism because black scientists do more research on these race topics and less on pure science. 

Classical Music 

Classical music is now under attack. Critics claim its structures are rotten with systemic racism. The Fifth Symphony of Beethoven, widely acclaimed to be the greatest composer who ever lived, is considered to be a symbol of white male “superiority and importance.” His Ninth symphony is claimed to be a masterpiece only because of his whiteness and maleness. I recommend that you listen to Beethoven’s Fifth and Ninth Symphonies to see if you think these are merely average compositions by a white supremacist. 

Classical radio announcers and classical music press portray classical music as culpably white. The Julliard School of Music joined the popularity club and hired a DEI Director. 

Colorblindness is now discriminatory since it favors merit over race. Race baiters want to stop using screens to conceal identities of musicians during orchestral auditions so that race becomes a factor in the selection of the winner. 

The influential Sphinx Organization supports minority-music ensembles and provides training and financial assistance based upon race. Since the Floyd riots, Sphinx has been making impossible diversity demands. First, they demanded that orchestras, opera companies, and conservatories examine the white supremacy embedded in traditional Western art and music repertoire. 

Next Sphinx demanded racial quotas.

  • At least 20% of soloists each concert season must be blacks and Latinos;

  • 40% (later changed to 25%) of candidates for auditions and administrative jobs must be blacks and Latinos;

  • 20% of the repertoire performed each season must be composed by blacks and Latinos; and

  • At least 10 % (later changed to 15%) of every musical budget must be reparations for past racial inequities.

 Even though the diversity quota was reduced from 40% to 25%, an orchestra or conservatory would be required to meet the quota or it could not select a finalist, even if highly qualified. Not being able to select a finalist for a particular orchestral position could impact the repertoire that the orchestra wants to play in a season or a particular type of student that a conservatory of music is seeking.

The Metropolitan Opera has gone woke, too. Despite the fact that it has been been running in the red for years and, during the pandemic could not even pay its musicians, the Met has hired a six figure DEI director from Harvard to prove it was woke. Was this highly liberal group that is located in the most liberal city in the country really worried that some might think they were racist? 

Will the patrons of classical music continue to shell out money for those high price tickets if the performers are not world class and the repertoire presented is not world class? 

Corporations: Why are they woke? 

1. Generally the founders are no longer running the cmpany. Woke executives who attended Marxist aligned universities are running the companies.

2. Companies go along with the communist party line for fear the company will be targeted and destroyed.

3. Even if employees oppose the propaganda and actions, they dare not criticize for fear of being fired and retaliation against them and their families. 

Example: Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser partnered with a transgender male to force the public to accept transgenderism as being normal. They assumed they could drive public opinion to accept Dulvaney. It did ot work. The public is boycotting Budweiser. The stock continues to crater and the company is losing market share to others. Shareholders are suffering big losses, yet the corporate executives march forward with their woke agenda. 

Example: Paypal announced in October 2022 that it would fine customers $2,500 per violation for spreading “misinformation.” This targeted conservatives. Many customers closed their accounts immediately. Although Paypal publicly denied that it would fine users, nothing really changed in its contract with customers. It lost tons of customers. Shareholders have suffered big losses. 

How We Can Stop DEI? 

A number of states are passing DEI bans. In Texas, Senate Bill 17 seeks to stop some of the radical behavior in academia. However, several amendments passed by a Republican-led House have watered down the original bill and will actually allow DEI to continue in the university. As originally presented, the bill 

  • bans the creation of a DEI office – or a similar one under another name – and hiring a DEI staff;

  • bans the forcing of faculty to provide or give a DEI statement or give preferential consideration based on race, sex, sexual orientation, color, or ethnicity;

  • bans asking job applicants to submit a DEI statement about their views; and

  • requires that hiring is based on the nondiscrimination law under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Titles 5 and 7.

Even if strong bills are passed, they must be enforced like in Florida. In Texas, the state bans on Common Core and on Critical Race are not enforced just as they do in other states where the laws are not enforced. Teachers, principles, and school boards are doing an end run around state bans. Even with state bans, it will be up to us the people to monitor and blow the whistle to stop DEI as well as Critical Race Theory and any other left wing activity.  Boycotts of woke corporations and enmasse protests at school boards are successful.  Instead of lagging behind defensively, conservatives must take the offensive against the enemy that is withing our own borders.

In the meantime, a parallel society of conservative institutions has already sprung up, including new churches, new types of K-12 education, and even new universities that will teach the classics without the government control and Marxist agenda.

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