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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Biden’s Executive Order for DEI Threatens U.S. National Security

By Carole Hornsby Haynes June 16, 2023 First published at World Net Daily 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) policies, once confined to liberal college campuses, have quickly spread to every level in America. Now it’s embedded in our foreign policy. 

On Tuesday, Biden’s State Department chief of officer of diversity and inclusion, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, testified before Congress that $76 million is needed for national security. The government will be monitoring racial and gender composition and maintaining employee records for supposed infractions such as harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

The State Department’s demand for funding should come as no surprise. Joe Biden’s Executive Order on February 16th transformed the federal government into a Woke Marxist DEI industry, purportedly to root out systemic racism and advance racial equity.

The Executive Order, titled "Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government,” is supposed to get rid of systemic barriers that keep non-whites back from prospering – translated as barriers erected by whites.

Susan Rice, Biden’s Domestic Policy Advisor and Obama’s go-to-girl, was tapped to lead a White House equity steering committee. She is to embed equity within every agency to transform them into a neo-Socialist state for total control over the workforce, education, medical, energy, finance, legal, housing, military, transportation, national security, and social security. Americans will be punished and segregated based on their race, ancestry, and gender.

These efforts to incorporate equity pose extreme danger for the American people. Biden’s new Executive Order directs all federal agencies to favor “underserved communities” and provide them with special treatment. The order lists a number of favored groups who will get federal government preferences. These groups that are said to face discrimination include non-whites, LGBT, pregnant women, religious groups, and immigrants. 

For example, when dealing with urban areas, these favored groups will be able to get private capital or loans. Whites need not apply. Illegals aliens will live in expensive hotels while some Americans are homeless. Likely pregnant women who want abortions will get preferential government treatment. We can be sure the religious groups do not include Christians. 

Biden’s executive order uses three key strategies to set up the DEI industry: 1) equity czars for each department who will have a team to plan and implement DEI, 2) government funding for third party political activists who are aligned with government goals, and 3) continued weaponization of the Civil Rights Law to advance the Marxist ideology. 

Agency Equity Teams with czars were created to develop Equity Action Plans and implement equity initiatives. Czars must conduct ongoing equity training and equity leadership development and embed “equity” into everything the agency does. Annual reports must be provided for government monitoring of individual compliance with equity. 

“Gender equity” (transgenderism) and “climate equity” (wealth redistribution) will be aligned and embedded across federal agencies. 

Artificial Intelligence and automated systems will designed and used to expand the Neo-Socialist goals into the entire fabric of the American economy and society. 

The second strategy in Biden’s order unconstitutionally mandates government funding and coordination with community and faith-based organizations working with “underserved communities.” This is a very clever end run around our Contitution and laws which place limits on what the federal government can and cannot do. By funding these aligned third party advocacy organizations, the government can fuse Socialism, including trangenderism, within communities. 

The third strategy in Biden’s order to embed equity within the federal bureaucracy is the continued weaponization of the Civil Rights Law, disguised as the way “to prevent and address discrimination and advance equity for all.” This is a new twist on “affirmative action” as America First Legal noted in their press release. 

“Equity” is a euphemism for discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, or economic class with respect to employment, university admissions, and access to government benefits, programs, or services. As applied, “equity” is nothing more or less than a rebranding and reorientation of the racism in the “Jim Crow” era, the class hatred in Stalin’s “anti-kulak” policies, and the dogmatism of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution.”   

America’s national security is in grave danger. America’s leaders are the laughing stock of the world. China is playing war games near and even within our borders and Chinese illegals are flooding in. Enrollment in the military is precariously down and the solution is drag queens to entice new recruits. Many of our youth are so dumbed down and mentally unstable that they cannot even qualify for the military. 

The military is no longer focused on protecting Americans but rather on leftwing ideology. A Pride flag flying beside the American flag at the U.S Capitol is evidence of how deeply the Marxist ideology is embedded at the federal level. The reign of terror already sweeping across our nation is going to get worse – much worse. 

Americans are waking up to the realities of how close we are to a totalitarian takeover and are pushing back against woke corporations. It’s time they focus on the woke policies in the federal government. Rather than funding DEI to secure our national security, we must root out all woke policies and players. 


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