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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Commissioner George P. Bush Launches Attack On Alamo

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. September 16, 2018

General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush sent a letter to the Texas State Board of Education about removing from the social studies curriculum standards the Travis letter and “heroic” from descriptions of the Alamo defenders.  He argued that the recommended changes are not about “trimming class time” but rather about “diluting Texas history” and influencing what students will learn about our past.

Is this the real Bush or he is simply trying to divert attention from the uproar he has created with his bold plan to “re-imagine” the Alamo?

He seems not to have any problem with diluting or even destroying Texas history by subjecting that interpretation to UNESCO to get a World Heritage Site designation by that U.N. organization.

After several members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas called for the rescue of the neglected and decayed site, the 1905 Texas legislature made the DRT the custodians of the Alamo.

Without state assistance (prior to 2011), they operated and improved the Alamo using the proceeds from the gift shop. They transformed the Alamo into a tourist site that introduces Texas history to millions of school children and visitors from around the globe while at the same time supporting preservation efforts of the historic structure.

In 2011 the Legislature gave control to the General Land Office (GLO) which entered into a lease with the DRT.

In 2015 newly elected Commissioner Bush broke the DRT lease, illegally seized the DRT Library Collection at the Alamo, and embarked upon a project commissioned by the Texas legislature to address the many issues facing the Alamo.

Unfortunately, the GLO got off to a bad start by naming the restoration project “Re-imagine the Alamo.”

Some elected Texas officials are taking exception to Bush’s actions and plan to draft a Constitutional Amendment for the 2019 legislative session to consider.  If passed, the State Constitution will recognize the Alamo as a state treasure and any plans to change the historical narrative will have to be approved by a super majority of the State Legislature.

Texas Senator Bob Hall in his recent newsletter noted,

“The current “re-imagining” plans for the Alamo include “contextualizing” the history around the Alamo with the emphasis on the evolution of settlements and cultures around the Alamo area…. The document detailing the plan includes the directive, ‘Include the Mexican perspective of the Battle of the Alamo which was that Mexicans believed Texas and other territories were stolen.’ However, the “re-imagining" fails to strongly emphasize that it was the revocation of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 that caused the Texas settlers to pick up arms and reclaim their liberty, then it will have rewritten history...”

Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann wrote a letter, signed by other elected officials, to Commissioner Bush stating,

“We believe it imperative to delay your vote in order to ensure Texas sovereignty over the future of the Alamo.....the current language of the Alamo Plan, if signed by you (as you publicly stated an eager willingness to do) would subject Texas to UNESCO’s interpretation of our history....we must not place our sacred Alamo and the Cenotaph on the chopping block of political correctness....”

Bush’s plan will move the Cenotaph into a ‘Free Speech Area’ where it cannot be protected and will be open to protest and disrespect.    Shocking is the plan's goal for a long term lease with the City of San Antonio.

On Friday morning, September 14, those elected officials held a press conference at the Alamo in front of the Cenotaph. WATCH VIDEO HERE

This attack to revise/erase our Texas history and flagrant government corruption will continue unless the people stop it now.


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