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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Equality Act: Anti-Religion, Anti-Women

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. March 8, 2021 

For Marxists to attain world communism, they must first cancel Western Culture and Christianity. Because Western Culture is based upon Judeo-Christian religious traditions, there are widespread attacks of every type on churches and synagogues.  Since the seizing of power by the Comintern and American communists with the swearing in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,radicals have been moving quickly to expand government control further.  

They are trying to push through the Equality Act (HR5) that will eradicate Christianity to be replaced by socialism’s one-world religion with man or state as god. 

The Equality Act (HR5) has been passed in the U.S. House and the Senate is ready to begin its own discussion. 

As American citizens, LGBTQ people have rights under our Constitution. This law grants them SPECIAL rights, which will adversely affect churches, religious institutions, schools, public facilities, etc. Special rights take away rights from others. 

For people of faith, the bill is an anti-religion law that coerces everyone to promote LGBTQ and abortion. Abortion will be funded by federal sources including Medicare and Medicaid. Health insurance offered by churches, religious schools and employers must cover abortion. ALL hospitals, medical providers, pharmacists, employers and insurance companies will be forced to participate in chemical and surgical abortions. 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 will be amended to include sexual orientation with gender identity as a protected class under federal law. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act will be repealed. 

No one can escape compliance with the Equality Act. It will forever change the way that Americans live. It applies to every church, school, medical provider, pastor, teacher, landlord, business, employee, parent – indeed to everyone. Anyone providing a "good, service or program" must comply. It even applies to social media, an occasional sale or purchase online, to every website or online profile, and every email sent out. Using the wrong pronoun or name can result in loss of a job or a fine. 

"Sensitivity training" (forced compliance) will become commonplace. Objectors will be punished.  

What Is So Bad About the Equality Act? 

1. Endangers the church 

Church will be forced to provide equal access to LGBTQ ceremonies if the facilities are open to traditional marriage ceremonies. The clergy will be forced to officiate gay weddings or face legal action. Other organizations being impacted include adoption agencies, wedding venues, florists, bakeries, and photographers. Non-compliant churches face loss of federal state and local tax exemptions and accreditations. 

Churches cannot discriminate when hiring staff – not even atheists can be turned down. Anyone involved in LGBTQ conduct can be hired. What happens when a non-LGBTQ candidate for hire is a superior choice to one who is LGBTQ? Widespread lawsuits are already in the wind. 

Churches must provide biological males access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sports. Boys will be allowed to bunk with girls on camping and overnight trips. 

Health insurance to cover hormones, mutilating surgeries, and chemical and surgical abortions will be mandated. 

HR5 will preempt all state laws, including prior federal laws, and any law restricting federal funding. Abortion will become a federal "right" from fertilization until birth. Pregnancy centers will be forced to provide abortion referrals. Every medical provider—including pro-life crisis pregnancy centers—will be forced to treat abortion as morally neutral and participate in or support it. Abortion will be for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy. 

2. Suppresses religious freedom 

HR5 gives SPECIAL RIGHTS to LGBT people and takes away rights of people of faith despite the fact that homosexuality contradicts religious belief. Sarah Kramer with Alliance Defending Freedom notes that, “Essentially the Equality Act gives people of faith an ultimatum: “Change your faith-based principles or face government punishment.” 

People who do not identify as LGBTQ can use this bill to destroy churches, organizations or individuals through endless litigation. HR5 explicitly states the Religious Freedom Restoration Act cannot provide a defense. 

Section 2(12) states that people can sue based on "perceptions or beliefs." Even if the person is not actually practicing LGBTQ behavior, he can sue someone for discrimination over alleged "belief" or "perceptions." Even if someone is not LGBTQ, he can allege discrimination because of perceived past associations with someone who is or was LGBTQ. 

3. Erases women’s rights 

The rights that women have fought for over many decades will be canceled. Doreen Denny with Concerned Women for America said, “It’s going to erase – not discrimination – but it’s going to erase females because the sex of females will no longer be protected as a thing you could claim as as separate category.” 

Men have an unfair physical advantage when competing against women in sports with even those who are not first tier being able to defeat a top female competitor. Women’s scholarships, earnings, and notoriety are already going to biological men. With biological men allowed to compete against women in women's sports, women’s sports will be destroyed very quickly. 

Men will have entry to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing and shower rooms. 

Men will also have access to women’s shelters. Women take refuge in shelters to escape brutal treatment from some male in their lives. Image their trauma when biological males are allowed to live with them in a shelter. 

There already have been incidents of rape and violence against women when biological males are allowed to occupy women’s segregated quarters. 

4. Affects your children  

Sexual transitioning is encouraged in children as young as 4.  Schoolteachers will not be able to refer to students by their biological gender pronouns. 

Numerous research studies show that 85% of young people who experience gender confusion grow out of the confusion without any intervention at all. Yet the Equality Act will not allow counseling to help resolve the confusion, even if requested by the person seeking help. Gender confusion is actually encouraged by the Equality Act. 

The medical profession will be politicized with conflicts being created between doctors and parents by the government. Doctors will be forced to perform gender operations and prescribe puberty blockers. Parental objections will be ignored, no matter how young the child.

The government under HR5 will punish citizens and medical professionals who disagree with transgender ideology and want to make their own decisions. If parents refuse to comply with the Equality Act, they can lose custody of their child. Across the nation, the courts already are taking away parental rights, including custody. 

Biological boys and men will have access to girls' locker rooms, dormitories and showers. Boys can participate on girls’ sports team. On overnight trips, without parental notice, young girls can be forced to room with young biological boys. 

Even homeschoolers are subject to HR5s mandates because all curriculum providers will have to comply with government mandates. 

Possible Sneaky Maneuver By Senate to Pass HR5

The House just passed a proposed budget that allows Planned Parenthood to receive taxpayer funding! The Senate is working on the budget right now and with just one senator asking to include the "Equality Act" in the budget vote, the 60-vote filibuster can be circumvented to allow a simple majority vote.

Fortunately, this sneaky tactic can be blocked. If one senator objects to this maneuver, then a full vote with the filibuster rule is required.

Since we do not always have legislators who will uphold the Constitution – even though they swear on their mother’s Bible – we the people must force the bad actors to do the right thing. They like to be popular and they want you to re-elect them. They must fear you and fear that you will not return them to Congress if they vote for this “Annihilate America” bill. 


Write/call both of your U.S. Senators and let them know you EXPECT them to VOTE NO on HR 5 Equality Act. 

To find your two U.S. senators and their contact information,click on this link.



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