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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Woke corporations, grooming, trans craze can be traced to U.N.

By Carole Hornsby Haynes June 6, 2023       First Published At World Net Daily 

Public outrage is gathering steam as corporate America tries to force woke gender ideology and the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of consumers. The American people are fed up and using their voices and money to fight back. 

Yet, there is a bigger story. Why would major retailers risk heavy market losses – and possibly bankruptcy – to appease such a small segment of the U.S. population – 7.2% acccording to a Gallup poll? Why is there so much national attention on transgenderism? Why does the federal government fund mental health and require data mining on students? 

U.N. Scheme 

Since the mid-1800s idealists have dreamed of a socialist world government while some envisioned a totalitarian world government.  The movement by elitists culminated in the founding of the United Nations, with Communist leaders holding the U.N.’s highest military post for decades. Knowing there would be resistance to abolishing national sovereignty and replacing it with a world government, the U.N. adopted a program of gradual change with monitoring of progress toward the ultimate goal. 

Change would begin with young children who, elitists believed, were being infected with extreme nationalism by their parents. UNESCO was created as the education arm of the U.N. to guide schools in creating division between children and parents. Next came the World Health Organization (WHO) that would implement international mental health policies and guide nations in changing and monitoring citizen’s worldviews. 


The roots of radical sex education in schools go back to a Marxist program implemented in Hungarian public schools nearly a century ago in a scheme to destroy Christianity in Western Europe to pave the way for a communist takedown. The curriculum included sex lectures and graphic instructional materials about free love and sexual intercourse. Students were encouraged to ridicule and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority. Hate was turned toward parents, clergy, and all dissenters. 

With continued exposure to atheism, radical sex education, and rebellion against authority, the Hungarian students turned into bullies, thieves, murderers, sex predators, and sociopaths who disrespected authority. 

Gradually the Hungarian tactics have been introduced into American government schools with the same results. 

Target and GLSEN 

This brings us to the public furor over Target with calls for boycotting its rainbow flag t-shirts, chest binders, and “tuck-friendly” undergarments and U.K.-based Abprallen clothing line by creepy satanic transgender designer who promotes drugs and violence. 

Public rage exploded with news that Target has partnered for a decade with Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and donated more than $2.1 million. Target’s vice president of brand marketing, Carlos Saavedra, serves as treasurer at GLSEN. 

The non-profit education organization, through its “Rainbow Library” program, has sent more than 46,000 free pornographic LGBTQ+ books to over 4,600 K-12 schools. GLSEN encourages teachers to incorporate gender and sex discussions in subjects like mathematics and science. Schools are to keep parents in the dark about their child’s in-school gender transition. 

Obama’s Sex Ed and Mental Health Clinics 

During a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood, Obama said he believed sex education should be provided to kindergarteners. Once in office, Obama brought in gay founder of GLSEN, Kevin Jennings, to serve as his assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education. Jennings used his federal perch to implement pornography in public schools. 

Funds that had been earmarked by the Bush adminsitration for abstinence-only organizations were transferred, along with new funding, to two new sex education initiatives, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and the Personal Responsibility Education Program

In 2011 the National Sexuality Education Standards were adopted by many school districts and in 2020 replaced by the far more radical National Sex Education Standards. Students in K-2 learn about transgenderism, while third graders learn about hormone blockers. From sixth grade through eighth grade, students learn how to define oral, anal and vaginal sex and how to don a condom. Six graders learn that abortion is an option for ending a pregnancy. Large sections of the standards include Marxist Critical Race Theory. 

Following the shooting spree at Sandy Hook, Connecticut school, Obama placed Vice President Joe Biden in charge of a task force on gun violence. Two of the goals of the task force were to create “safer schools” by hiring new mental health counselors and providing student mental health treatment. 

Under WHO guidelines, more than $150 million in federal grants to public schools were designated to hire mental health counselors and provide student mental health treatment. Because of WHO “mandates” for monitoring of student views, personal data would be collected and stored in databases for third parties to access. 

Schools have become mental health clinics with psychologists, mental health clinicians, case managers, behavioral interventionists, social workers and others to analyze student behavior and provide treatment. 

Social and Emotional Learning programs, federally mandated, indoctrinate children by embedding radical sex education and Critical Race Theory into lessons throughout the school day. 

The result is mentally destabilized students, in need of counseling, who are encouraged to become politicial activists against the supposed systemic racism. Some join Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Others rage through school halls or other low security locations, heavily armed and looking for victims. 

Using the purposely created mental health crisis and the need to provide “safe schools,” leftists goad federal and state legislators to pass gun control with red flag laws and universal background checks for the unstated purpose of disarming the American people for a New World Order. 

Federal support for pornography continues with the Biden administration that is warring with Georgia parents over removal of sexually explicit books from the school library. Biden’s Department of Education is using the Office for Civil Rights to smear those parents and use the power of the federal government against the school district to indoctrinate children into the LGBT ideology. 

Woke Corporations 

A former top-executive with Anheuser-Busch told Fox News Jesse Watters that progressive lawmakers oversee government funds that invest in major corporations. Those politicians pressure investment firms, like BlackRock that buy corporate stock, to demand that corporations promote the lawmakers’ radical agenda. 

By destroying Western Christian and moral foundations, elitists are creating a Great Reset for a U.N.-driven New World Order. Americans have a window of opportunity to stop woke corporations and the Great Reset. Will we?

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