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Terminate USDE Chief DeVos

 Sells out American education as she signs U.S. onto U.N. education agenda......

September 25, 2018

Terminate USDE Chief DeVos

DeVos Signs U.S. Onto U.N. Education Agenda

U.S. Department of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos recently signed a declaration that places education “at the centre of the global agenda.” This is another step in the long march to move the U.S. toward a world government with the loss of our inalienable freedoms.

Reaction from the grassroots has been swift and angry.

American Citizens Matter, a national organization that I founded recently, responded with a letter to President Trump, calling for firing DeVos’ without a replacement. ACM asked President Trump to work with Congress to begin the dismantling of the unconstitutional USDE and return education totally to local control.

The G20 network of governments and dictatorships, which met recently in Argentina, produced an agreement – the “Building Consensus For Fair and Sustainable Development.”

  • DeVos and the other signers committed children to global education under the U.N.-backed ideology of “sustainable development,” a scheme for reorganizing human society to redistribute wealth.

  • The agreement’s curriculum includes sustainable development and socio-emotional learning – psychological conditioning to instill values and attitudes dictated by the international establishment.

  • The agreement mandates that central planners and corporations will have control over what children will learn.

If the U.S. implements the G20 education agreement, control of American education will be handed on a silver platter to foreign government and tyrants and America will move closer to a one-world government with a planned economy.

Secretary DeVos is a Jeb Bush, Common Core, big government, planned economy supporter who is not focused on fulfilling President Trump’s campaign promises.

President Trump must purge the USDE of globalists who are focused on fundamentally transforming America.


What you can do:

Contact these people and tell them that Secretary DeVos must be terminated immediately, the agencies of the USDE dismantled, and the G-20 Education Agreement stopped.

1. Call your U.S. Senatorshttps://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

2. Send an email to President Trump – https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/


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Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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