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The Haynes Report

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February 18, 2019


Welcome to the Haynes Report!


Since the trio of federal bills passed during the Clinton Administration – Goals 2000, School-to-Work Act, and Workforce Investment Act – America has been moving away from capitalism toward a centrally planned economy and a socialistic society. Both political parties are complicit in this shift – at both federal and state levels. This is a highly dangerous direction for our freedom And economy. The 20th century saw many such failed regimes with murder, rape, torture, and extreme poverty.

Today the people of Venezuela are living in a man-made hell which they could have avoided. In 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America. Now the citizens stand in lines for toilet paper. They ignored the red flags and voted for those who promised utopia while they were disarming the people!

School-to-Work (discussed below) has played an important role in moving us toward socialism. The purpose of education has been changed from academic to workforce training and social and emotional learning with group dependency – collectivism. We can thank Republicans for including this in the unconstitutional Every Student Succeeds Act that replaced No Child Left Behind. No wonder Obama called it his Christmas present.

Over the coming months, I’ll continue to connect the dots about what is happening across the nation and the role that education and culture are playing.

This week I’ll be in Austin with our American Citizens Matter team to meet with key lawmakers and their staffs about bills that are highly problematic for our freedom and economy. Please refer to my last Haynes Report about HB 429 and several others along with the ones discussed below in the pre-K article. I’ll be identifying other bills in the next Haynes Reports(and also at www.americancitizensmatter).

We will need much public push back and are counting on you to help us take a stand for our American principles.






America Continues Shift Toward Soviet-

style Planned Economy

February 14, 2019 

The U.S. continues its shift from capitalism toward embracing the principles of government/corporate economic control similar to the failed ideas of a state planned economy like that of the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The federal government has no constitutional authority for involvement in the private sector, either by planning the economy or training the workforce.

The latest shift is the newly created American Workforce Policy Advisory Board that will work with President Trump’s National Council for the American Worker to develop a national campaign to promote education and training, recommend method for improving labor market data, identify companies’ hiring needs, and increase private sector investments in job training. Joining the Trump administration to develop job training programs are 25 leaders including Apple Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp., Walmart Inc., and other Fortune 500 CEOs, nonprofit executives, and governors.

Last year the National Council for the American Worker was created through an executive order signed by President Trump. Its purpose is to develop strategies for a public private partnership for job training by employers, educational institutions, labor unions, other non-profit organizations, and local and state governments. There will be an increase in data mining and job data sharing including geographic job opening and projected future jobs. 

With the passage of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (H.R. 4174) which is a de facto national database, any job data scooped up will be merged with data on individuals across all federal government agencies without the person’s approval or knowledge. This information will be shared with colleges, the military, potential employers, and other third parties. This bill allows lifetime tracking of Americans.

Government job prediction has historically been a spectacular failure with government being completely incapable of predicting economic trends and workforce needs and even five-year plans.

Other key components in the shift toward a centrally planned economy are the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the proposed merger of the Departments of Labor and Education, Common Core for use with digital badges, computerized “personalized” learning, competency-based education, School-to-Work, and the reauthorized Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006.

Under the School-to-Work Act, students are being channeled to choose careers by the end of the 8th grade with a narrowed curriculum designed for the selected career instead of classical learning that prepares one to be adaptable to life’s changes, even career changes.

Marc Tucker who created the plan to remold the entire U.S. education and workforce system into a seamless web stretching from cradle to grave, admitted his scheme’s great danger is to “condemn a large fraction of our youth to narrowly conceived training programs at the very time that advances in artificial intelligence and related disciplines are on the verge of wiping out entire industries…” 

President Trump has been highly successful in bringing corporations and jobs home to America. However, government led training, data collection, and economic planning is moving our economy toward European education-workforce style systems, none of which have produced our American levels of freedom and prosperity.

It is a violation of our American values for corporations to view people as "human value only in terms of productive capability" or our children as "products," the inhumane label given them by Rex Tillerson of Exxon.

Our education system once gave students a broad academic base of knowledge instead of workforce training and career channeling in the 8th grade. It was this freedom to pursue one's own life goals, and not those of a corporation, that produced a nation of innovators who were fiercely independent and creative. It was this America that produced the freedom, prosperity, and generosity that have made us the greatest civilization in human history.

If America is to be a really great nation again, then we must end our lurch toward socialism and return to providing a solid basic academic education for our students and the capitalist economic system.



Texas Lawmakers To Fund Education

That Harms Children

February 14, 2019

Fifty-nine percent of Texas third graders cannot read but the Texas Commission on Public School Finance concludes the reason lies in a child’s lack of preparedness for kindergarten.

The 2018 report of the Commission claims, “testimony reflected that students who were kindergarten ready were more than three times more likely to meet the state standard for third-grade reading vs. those students who weren’t.”

Massive research ranging over more than sixty decades completely refutes the outrageous claim laid out in the Commission’s report. There is much proof that early reading instruction does not ensure that a child will read at grade level by the third grade.

The Commission’s recommendation is that full day pre-K for three- and four-year-olds should be funded. Several bills have been filed in the Texas 2019 legislative session for that purpose. The bills are HB 189, HB 612, SB 287, SB 292, and SB 36.

Texas lawmakers have been pushing for universal pre-K for years and have been given much solid proof about the harm to young children who are forced into government run pre-K. Yet these lawmakers continue to ignore that proof when it fails to support their own ideological agendas.

One fear tactic that pre-K advocates use is that 85 percent of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years. Therefore, if children do not attend pre-K, all educational intervention after that is more difficult, more expensive, and less effective. Pediatricians disagree, saying that the brain continues to develop, remodel and refine until age 25.

Reading specialists argue that good reading teachers in K-3 can catch children up who have not learned to read. Because early elementary school children are in their major development years, they learn four times as much material during a regular school year as in the preschool years.

Finnish schools do not allow a child to begin formal schooling until age seven. Kindergarten, which is not mandatory, does not begin until age six. Yet Finland’s students are among the highest performing in the world -- U.S. students are near the bottom.

Nearly every study over the past 60 years has reported fade out of pre-K benefit from kindergarten through the third grade. Both Head Start and the federally funded voluntary pre-K study in Tennessee report fade out from kindergarten through the third grade.

Texas lawmakers have been using the Meadows Foundation study for Texasas proof that fade out by third grade can be avoided. The study claims that economically disadvantaged children have a 40% better chance of being on a college-ready pace in third grade if they are enrolled in public full-day pre-K. However, their study used the highly flawed Carolina Abecedarian and Duke University studies as a basis for their claim.

The commission hopes to narrow the gap for low-income children with full day pre-K. In fact, the opposite occurs. Studies by the federal government report that Head Start does not improve the school readiness of low-income children.

The findings of major pre-K studies show students who do not enroll in public pre-K outperform those who attend. Oklahoma universal pre-K program students scored above the 1992 NAEP national average but fell below it in 2015.

Since her founding, America has been a nation of innovators because of our education system. However, since 1990 American creativity scores have been steadily falling. That was when we replaced childhood free play with rigid formal instruction. This loss of personal creativity has profound implications for our nation’s economic growth as well as national and international issues that require creative solutions.

If young children are not engaged in active free play, especially outdoors, they are more likely to exhibit problems with social interactions, paying attention, problem-solving, anxiety, controlling their emotions, and clumsiness. A Harvard Medical School study shows that more children are being diagnosed with ADHD as younger children are being forced into rigid, formal settings that can well be beyond their development capability.

If Texas lawmakers really are concerned about the literacy of our youth, they will stop funding education that has harmful consequences for children.



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Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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