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The Haynes Report

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#VoteNo on Reauthorization of ESEA

(Elementary & Secondary Education Act)

  • Expands federal control over public schools including preschool
  • Embeds Common Core
  • Continues high stakes testing
  • Parental authority killed
  • Expands psychological profiling of children

Call your U.S. Senators and House Representatives

The U.N., ESEA, and School Mental Clinics

Why is the U.S. government funding school-based mental health clinics and what is the connection with the United Nations?  How is this connected with the ESEA (No Child Left Behind) bill that is being finalized by Congress?

Cooperative Learning:  Communism in American Classrooms

Cooperative/collaborative learning is used across the nation in public schools. This is group learning / group think focused on changing student beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.  Group achievement – collectivism -- is valued over individual achievement.  How will living in a collectivist society affect our economy and our freedom?

Journey to Jihadism

Widespread violence, drug use, break-down of the traditional family, and amorality engulf America.  This is not by accident.  Public schools have intentionally destroyed children’s belief in religious morality. The loss of a spiritual and moral anchor is playing out in deadly rampages by young people across America.  What happened to cause the son of a conservative Christian family in Tennessee to lose his moral compass, convert to Islam, and go on a killing spree to avenge Allah?

Muslims Can Proselytize, But Christians Can’t

Across the nation, public schools are forcing students to embrace Islamic values and traditions while those of Christians are being violated and even outlawed.  How are Muslims proselytizing in public classrooms and how are Christians being persecuted? 



 Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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