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Common Core Math War Rages in Texas

How did Common Core math standards and materials get into Texas?

"Common Core Math War Rages in Texas”

November 28, 2016

Why Texas Schools Should Not Use Centralized Government Control (Part 1)

In 2012 the Texas State Board of Education approved new math curriculum standards.  Now Common Core process standards have managed to creep into math materials and STAAR tests even though Common Core is illegal in Texas. What role did Hillary Clinton play in the quiet birthing of Common Core and the change from public schools teaching academics to training students for a state planned workforce?   Full Article Texas Insider


Did the TEA Overstep Its Authority On Math Curriculum Standards? (Part 2)

According to long time SBOE member Geraldine (Tincy) Miller, the SBOE is solely responsible for approving the standards, not the TEA.  So then, who at the TEA authorized the drafting of the Common Core math practices and integration into the content?  Was it Everly Broadway?         Full Article Texas Insider


Is There A Solution for the Math Curriculum Standards Shipwreck? (Part 3)

Under the Texas Education Code, the SBOE cannot insert language telling teachers HOW to teach the content into curriculum standards.  Fault for this shipwreck of a document lies not only with the TEA and SBOE, but also with the Texas Legislature and Governor Perry.  The good news is -- there is a short term solution!       Full Article Texas Insider



Dr. Carole H. Haynes 
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