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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Democrats Offer “Passion Over Proof,” But So Do “Snowflakes”

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.  December 11, 2019

In his recent article in The Hill, Professor Jonathan Turley, who testified at the Trump impeachment hearing last week, concluded that Democrats argue with passion over proof. Yet their unhinged irrationality is a microcosm of what's happening in America.

Watching the delusional Democrat circus of clowns in a froth is like watching "Snowflakes" spew non-sensical garbage with meltdown like infants over imagined wrongs. America's once fiercely independent, resilient youth now cave emotionally when life hits, looking for someone to blame. They're rewarded for their childish tantrums with more attention and "safe spaces" with play-doh, blankets, and therapists to soothe them.

This new norm in America has been carefully orchestrated by Marxists/communists who understand how to destroy a nation from within. Gaining control of the schools and students' minds is key.

Students are taught to use emotions instead of facts and logic in seeking answers. Although U.S. Ed Chief Betsy DeVos says Common Core is dead, I noted in my missive in 2015 that Rep. Tim Ryan publicly redefined Common Core as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Republican lawmakers handed Obama the "Christmas miracle" of Every Student Succeeds Act which codified Common Core and shifted the primary of taxpayer funded education from academic to SEL.

In Progressive/Common Core math, the major percentage of a student's grade is based on how he (old-fashioned legal term that includes everyone no matter the gender identification) feels about math and how he arrives at the answer. Getting a correct answer is barely rewarded. That's bunk according to world-renowned mathematician, Dr. James Milgram, who says the only thing that matters is the correct answer, regardless of how one arrives at it.

For sure, I don't want to drive over a bridge designed by that Common Core kid and I really don't care he feels about it all.

I wrote a commentary recently about America becoming a nation of illiterate people, incapable of critical thinking. The recent results from NAEP – the Nation's Report Card – showed that two-thirds of students can't read proficiently. Results from the international test, PISA, showed that 90% of the students can't "distinguish between fact and opinion, based on implicit cues pertaining to the content or source of the information." In another recent commentary, I discussed a policy brief by NCEE that finds American students have gone from being the best to the worst educated in the industrial world.

A person who is ignorant can't be expected to approach life's problems with logic or to distinguish between fact and opinion. An emotional cripple can't be psychologically strong against an abusive government – or dictator. Dependence upon self and family is being replaced by dependency on a government. Ignorant people can be easily duped by snake oil Marxist salesmen.

But, then, that's why America is being deliberately dumbed down.


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