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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Bennett Proposes $6 Trillion for Universal Pre-K, Communist Goal #41 Fulfilled

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. January 2, 2020

Democrats’ schemes for getting control of diapered babies just get loonier. Hillary tried to disguise the kiddie takeover with the infamous phrase – “it takes a village.” Now Democrat presidential candidate Senator Michael Bennett (Colorado) proposes to spend $6 TRILLION for universal preschool and payment to parents over the next 10 years! He insanely believes that his “Real Deal” can salvage the Democrats’ sinking Titanic.

According to The Hill,

“The senator's campaign touted the plan in a Thursday statement as something that will both "galvanize the Democratic base" and help win back Obama voters who threw their support behind President Trump in 2016.”

The latest spending bill has pushed the U.S. even more dangerously into debt. Now Bennett wants to add another $6 trillion? We are seeing Democrats exhibiting irrational behavior, but this really takes the cake. Of course, Bennett has a solution to avoid more debt.

“Bennet said he would pay for his proposals through measures including ending a loophole in Trump's tax plan and raising the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.”

There we have it. Bennett’s plan for funding this trillion dollar baby bill is to stick it to corporations which will directly affect the amount of money available for payroll. Would this result in a spike in unemployment?

This universal preschool ploy has been in play for decades. Those who know history recognize this is Communist goal #41 from the 45 that were entered into the U.S. Congressional Record in 1963: “Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.”

Decades earlier the World Health Organization, an agency of the Communist led U.N., declared that parents were teaching “poisonous” ideas to children along with Sunday and day school teachers. The solution? Public – government – schools would take control of children and their thoughts. UNESCO, another U.N. agency, also declared that if a new world order was going to be achieved, parental control over a child’s education would have to be taken away.

Through the years public education has added a 12th grade and kindergarten – more seat time to create little socialists. Now the government wants universal pre-K for total control of the developing child. The goal of social progressives is to use public education as indoctrination centers to turn America into a communist dictatorship with loyal comrades. This is why the Democrats under the Carter administration created an unconstitutional federal department of education to take over control of education and the minds of children.

It should be evident to freedom loving Americans that people such as Bennett and his ilke cannot – must not – be allowed to hold public office.It is also critical that citizens get actively involved in local school boards and become watchdogs over local schools to move the needle back to academics and conservative education policies that once gave us the best public schools in the world.

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